Since I still don’t drive the freeways, Jane picked us up and drove our car up to Ventura for the day. We got to the beach before the crowds and before the sun. But there never were many people, since they tell me this is the first day of school, but after a while there was plenty of sunshine.


Before we left Jerome told me that he didn’t want to get in the water because he was afraid he would get stung like last time. (In April something stung him in the water on his hand and he had a terrible reaction and had to go on antibiotics.) So I told him he didn’t have to get in the water. Auntie Jane took him to the edge of the waves to get bucketfuls of sand to build sandcastles with, and he quickly lost his fear.







On the drive up Seth told us “I’m afraid of the beach.” but I think he meant the ocean. He stayed at a safe distance all day.

And on the drive home he confirmed it to us several more times…but I think he had a fun day digging in the sand, climbing rocks, and trying to play with other people’s sand toys. 🙂






It was startlingly different. After a while the wind and brightness and noise became normal, even peaceful. But walking among the rocks there was an immediate reprieve. Quiet. Warmth. Shade. I hadn’t noticed the harshness of the afternoon until I found an accidental shelter. However the rocks were sharp. My boys must be part mountain goat, though, because it didn’t phase them. And they enjoyed the refuge of the rocks. I pray they find refuge in the Rock of our salvation!




This was Ian’s first beach experience! And he slept through most of it…




Thank you, Jane and Donna, for a lovely day at the beach!

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