I woke up sick today, so we didn’t get much done at all, and that’s not a very good feeling. But as hot as it was the boys were happy to spend the day inside listening to stories. I’m so grateful to have the Your Story Hour collection of Bible stories and historical stories that family and friends have given the boys this year. They love listening to them and I enjoy having something to put on that builds up their knowledge and spirits.

This evening I took my friend Erika out to dinner because today is her birthday!

She’s a new friend of mine and has a little boy about Jerome’s age and a baby a few months older than Ian. I really enjoy talking to her and getting to know her more. Although the talking we get to do is between correcting the children and the children’s interruptions…it was wonderful to be out with a friend.

Erika is a beautiful person. Her love of life is contagious, and her gentleness with her children is exceptional. She is eager to learn and is just as willing to share with others what goodness she gleans.  I’m so grateful to know her.

Happy birthday, Erika!





This was the best we got of my boys today. Oh, I forgot to mention that my precious two year old drew in blue crayon on the back of the booth in the back of California Pizza Kitchen!…They said it should be washable.

Ian’s hair looked so red in the evening light at the mall! He wasn’t as mad as he looks. honestly.


The boys and I stayed and got ice cream and met their aunties to listen to some live big band music. Not a whole lot of listening happened, but the boys enjoyed test riding the new “skitters” and playing with the remote control cars that were desperately wanting to be sold. As a parent I’m getting better at saying “no”. 🙂

Our day was not over yet. We were invited up to the Barlow’s for fresh baked cookies to celebrate Anna’s taking the CPA exam today! The Partridge children were there, too, so my boys boosted the children count to nine!

It was a wonderful, long evening and I came home feeling better than I did when we left.

And Peter had just walked in the door too. 🙂

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One Response to “Thursday, August 30, 2007”

Laura Milner Says:

Hey there Crazy busy Women!

Reading this blogged, i thought it was talking about me for a second! hehe! You are amazing to do some much with all those boys in toe. I love you!! WE need to get together soon. I just can’t stand not seeing you for weeks at a time, when we only live so close.

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