I remember standing in front of my grandmother’s refrigerator as a little girl and studying her magnet collection.

I don’t know when she started collecting them, but when she went any place new she would buy a magnet.

My Grandmother never seemed to be a fun-loving person to me, but her magnets told me something about her that she did not portray to me. Every one of them looked like a toy or something out of a book, and she would let us take them down and play with them and tell us about the places where she got them.

I used to collect marbles. Not because I could play them well, but because I enjoyed staring into the colored glass and I loved the feel of them andthe sound of them knocking together.

Maybe that’s why I absolutely love making marble magnets! I just finished an order today for the gift shop at the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve in Lancaster, CA. The gal there sent me some of her pictures of the local flora and I used some of mine and she sells them in her shop.

So I’d like to think that maybe someone like my grandmother will buy a marble desert flower magnet cbd products her journey through the high desert of California and take it home to let her granddaughter look at it, hold it, see how strong the magnet is, and maybe she will tell her about her trip…and a little about herself.


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