The meaning of Christmas gets more and more real to me. Since God has given us sons and made me a mother, I understand a little better the miracle of the Incarnation. In teaching my boys about the reason we celebrate and give gifts to each other comes the reminder in my own heart to daily, hourly, and moment by moment surrender to Him who lives in intercession for my soul and for redeeming the souls given into our short care!

We are so blessed to be able to live near Peter’s parents. They have loved us and supported us, fed us and helped with the boys. Holidays with them are real celebrations and God honoring events in our lives. I’m thankful that our boys have the influence of godly grandparents and aunts and uncles, and cousins, too.

Here’s a glimpse into our Christmas with them: Abby took all of these pics, by the way:

My gift from Peter Jerome and Zachary Sisters-in-law

Aunti Anna is always so excited!  She’s a real favorite with the grandsons! Not around here!

Ian got the most fascinating gift - all of the boys were playing with it! The newlyweds Our lovely matriarch

  {xmas 2007}

My pink halo Time to pack up and go home!  It was a wonderful Christmas celebration!

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