This was the first Christmas we’d ever had with Gigi in our home with us! She spent the night after helping us wrap the boys gifts and put them under the tree. Since Ian is teething our nights have become eventful and she said she slept through it all…

It was SO wonderful having you a part of our Christmas, Gigi! You MADE my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here are some pics from our morning together:

Seth was woken up a bit earlier than he would have liked. He just stood there looking at Jerome’s stocking dumped out until Jerome dumped his out for him!


Thank you for the music table, Mema and Gigi! Ian loves it!


And so does Seth. 🙂


Breakfast break for Ian:


Seth got some new trains for Christmas and he gathered them and went to his room to play!






This one makes me laugh! Yes, we had a terrible night:


Jerome’s big gift:


And Seth’s gift:


And of course Seth was immediatly outside with it:


And Jerome is indoors building with Daddy:






Merry Christmas, Gigi! Thank you so much for spending your morning with us, you made it so special and cheerful! And there’s just something about having someone who shares the same memories and little traditions from childhood that makes it familiar and understood. I love you!

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One Response to “Christmas Morning!”

Regina Says:

Dalring…you made MY Christmas!! I so enjoyed being with you and your family and enjoying the boys excitement and our memories! I love you so very much and I appreciate you opening your home and your hearts to me and making me feel at home and very very loved! It was a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful time with you all! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you for everything! I’ll take my lesson and come make dinner for you 🙂

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