I woke up this morning thinking we were over the worst of it, none of the boys had fevers and it was gloriously sunshiney outside! I sent them all outdoors for a bit, but that didn’t last long. By this afternoon Seth obviously has an ear infection and a fever again and is crying that he feels bad. 🙁

Jerome and I were actually able to get a reading lesson in today! And although he’s reading very well…I realized we haven’t done any spelling or handwriting yet when he wrote me a note expressing how he feels about being sick.

I loved my note and thought I’d share it with you. 🙂

 It reads: “Dear Mama_I oash (wish) I oaz (was) not sik (sick) to pla (play) oith (with) my friends_luv Jerome”

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3 Responses to “My feelings exactly!”

Neech Says:

v- so glad I saw you online tonight! I love your blog – haven’t had much of a chance to read more than just a few days but the pics are fabulous! You have a fan here in Vancouver, BC -> me!

XO and hope the boys get well soon…


peter Says:

The kid is a genius! That looks quite similar to some of the writing I see from my 6th grade students! Keep up the good work.

Regina Says:

More than precious and I’m totally proud of him! It’s excellent!! Y’all are amazing parents

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