It was the day Seth woke up with a cough and a low grade fever that we saw the rainbow. Right outside our front door, it seemed. “What is a rainbow, Mama?” “Where does it land?” “What colors can you see?” and “Why is it going away?”, were some of the questions I had to know the answers to. It was really beautiful and vivid and bright. Made the rain seem gracious, and gave us an opportunity to talk about God’s promises.

Seth’s fever has been high since that night and only goes down when we give him Tylenol to sleep at night. He has been so sweet and patient, and has thanked God for the rainbow every night when we put him to bed! And I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve read his Tonka truck book. I guess since he can’t be out digging in the mud the next best thing is to think about it!

 Watching the first of the rain come down. The sunshine through the rain. This is the view from my bedroom window. First look at the rainbow. It’s not a good picture, but I love their faces! It’s a double rainbow! He dropped off to sleep with his chin in one hand and a roll in the other.

Grandma has been so very kind to be available to take Jerome to Sparks last evening as well as bring a big pot of her delicious soup for our dinner, and then taking Jerome to the dentist for me today. Jerome had a sore spot between his teeth and begged me to make an appointment for him at the dentist’s and asked Grandma to take him! Thankfully it was only a popcorn kernel stuck where Mommy couldn’t floss it out, and he also has directions to stay away from crunchy food, which is quite a blow to the little man, because he’s getting his six year molars in! My, how boys do grow.

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2 Responses to “Rainbows and fevers”

Abby Says:

that is so cute Veronique! lol! i NEVER _wanted_ to go to the dentist’s at his age, and i still don’t! 😛
that pic of the rainbow is so cool! i was trying to get it on our camera, but i don’t think it worked. 🙂

sarah Says:

I hope your sweet Seth is feeling better. Poor little guy! What a beautiful rainbow…you got such a great picture of it! Avery’s fever finally went away but she is still a little unhappy because she is cutting 4 of her 1 year molars (at 18 months of age!). It looks quite painful.

Well, I hope Seth is feeling better and able to go outside and dig in the mud some more!

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