February 25th, 2008

Tidbit from “When Children Love to Learn” by Elaine Cooper

“She (Elsie Kitching) talks of the Wise Men finding Jesus in “a most unroyal place” as an example of finding truth in an unexpected place: “When they had arrived they had no doubt. They recognized the truth when they found it.

When we meet the truth, we notice I think, three things. First, that like a jigsaw, the pieces fit into place unexpectedly. Lesser truths dawn, and are seen to be connected; it all ties up. Then, we shrink in size as we see ourselves and our problems from a different and strange angle and…more and more dawns on us. This might be a depressing proccess but it is not so because truth is always bigger than man and independent of self.

Yet – and this is what strikes me most – although alien in this sense, strange and surprising, truth is always a friend; the stranger is recognized, the surprise is joyful. An old acquaintance!”

“Together teacher and child are under a higher authority. The child should not be asked to be good to please a parent or teacher. Children and the adults both must choose to obey God. Both are learning how to be better people, and both children and adults are interested and learning from books, nature, art, music. Ideas are discussed. Thought is important. Children have amazing ideas! They grow in proper self-esteem as they are listened to and allowed to be themselves.”


It was fixin’ to rain one day this week and Seth walked to the open door and looked up: “I talked to the sky…and the sky didn’t talk!”

“Raven’s making clouds!” She was standing in the doorway on a cold night breathing heavily and, yes, making clouds!

“Mommy, come tell on Jerome!”


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February 24th, 2008

Aunt and nephew have shared the same birthday for 34 years now on Thursday! Peter has told me that he likes having someone to share his birthday, to call them and wish them a happy day, too. And on these monthly family get-togethers, there’s usually a birthday to celebrate!

Gigi spent yesterday with us and also this evening. She helped me make Peter’s birthday carrot cake. I had never made one before, and it’s his favorite cake. I’ve always asked his mom or Donna to make his cake…it intimidated me for some veggie reason. So this year I did it, and either it was a success, or people were gracious enough to eat it and rave over it to make up for it’s humble appearance next to the gorgeous and delicious chocolate bouquet that Donna and Scott brought for Aunt Brooke’s cake. It was fun to make, and my man seemed happy…although I think he would have liked for me to have left it burnt so I could make him two cakes! 🙂

It was a lovely evening celebrating two wonderful people, and I’m so glad Grandma could come again! I love Peter’s family!

 The amazing chocolate cake covered in camellias from The Barlow Garden and Kitchen! My first carrot cake! Happy birthday Aunt Brooke and Peter!

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February 24th, 2008

We had a highchair photoshoot today for several reasons. One being that Ian is very fast and it helps to have him constrained to one spot; and two, it’s very muddy outside still. I also could not resist his cheerful spirit after his nap as he sat eating a snack in his chair. After nursing and a bowlful of oatmeal and applesauce, he very eagerly ate half a pear and a handful of Joe’s O’s! Such a good eater deserves a portrait at his table. 😉

  He’s discovering silly faces. If only you could hear him laugh! He thought mommy was silly! Can you see his tooth coming in? I love his dimples!

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February 23rd, 2008

Yesterday began as any normal day…until noon. Ian had crawled outside and enjoyed the mud puddle directly in front of the door and was crawling back in when I grabbed him up and dunked him in the kitchen sink for a bath before he could track any more mud into this house! Jerome and Seth were outside playing in the orchard before it rained again. Jerome was using the hoe to dig a big hole that he had been working on for a few days, and Seth was playing with his diggers. I had gotten Ian out of his bath in the kitchen sink and carried him over to the couch under the window so I could look out and watch the boys as I dressed the baby. Just as I reach the couch and look outside I see Jerome bring the hoe down on Seth’s hand, which was on his digger. There was no look of malice on his face, just shock. I have no idea what thoughts were in his head at all, and he said it was an accident. Jerome had turned away from his hole and was being careless, Seth had not gotten in his way at all. So here I have a dripping wet, naked baby, and Seth with a bleeding hand…it’s bleeding so much all I can see is that his finger is still on his hand, “Oh God!” is all I can think and all I could say. I called Misty and she was there in half a minute. What a blessing! She helped me and made phone calls and kept Jerome as Mom was there in just a couple minutes and drove Ian, Seth and I to our doctor’s who was expecting us as Mom had called ahead. I kept pressure on his finger and held him and prayed. I was fighting anger in my heart toward Jerome who knew better, and guilt for allowing him to use the hoe which I knew to be sharp. I had no idea how badly he was hurt and had to trust that God had everything under His control, and that He allowed it to happen. Seth had not been crying out of pain unless I moved his hand or adjusted mine to keep the pressure on, and by the time we got to the doctor’s office the bleeding had slowed so that he could look into the cut. We both saw the tendon and thought it looked damaged, so he sent us across the street to the emergency room where he had called ahead to have the hand specialist look at it. Abby met us there and sat with me as the specialist examined Seth’s hand and proclaimed the tendon as intact. The cut had only gone down to the sheath! So Seth only needed stitches and his last tetanus shot. How bad it could have been, I knew, and my heart swells with thanksgiving that Seth was spared it. However, as amazingly tolerant he is to pain, he absolutely screamed the entire 20 minutes it took for them to stitch him up and it took four adults to hold him down! He is one strong little guy! We were home by 3pm. Our way had been made straight. Once home, Mom made tea and scones for us and we had a time of rest. Donna and Scott brought dinner for us, David stopped by with a balloon for Seth, and Abby stayed with me and took care of the boys until Peter got home late last night. We were surrounded with love.

Gigi spent the day with us today!  It was so good to have her here helping and cheering us! Seth has not complained about his hand or his bandages, and smiles and tells us “It feels better!” when we ask him about it. Only when he bumps it running around does he casually say that it hurts him, and by the end of today he asked for some Tylenol. What amazing grace!

 Seth showing me his owie, and the two bracelets he got at the hospital.

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February 21st, 2008

Peter forgot to take his lunch with him this morning so the boys and I hopped in the car and drove out in time to meet Peter as he came back from his run. It’s a cloudy, drizzely day, and it was good to see him in the middle of it… a little sunshine in our overcast day!

 Jerome scaled this tree in his rainboots! He made it all the way up into the tree with Peter spotting him! Looking for a place to picnic. Seth wanted to be carried up, he said he was too hard to climb! :-) Our picnic plateau. Ian didn’t really eat the rocks, he just tried to. I climbed up to try to follow my mountain goat boys, but met them on the way down. Going back…with a rock on his head? “I have a bush thingy in my boot!” We weren’t even out of the car yet at home when Audrey came running up to show us her new haircut. :-) I think it suits her perfectly! And the total lunar eclipse happened last night, but the boys were in Awana, Peter was in school, and I was in the grocery store parking lot trying to balance the camera on the dashboard! But this is the only shot I could grab before a cloud came over. How awesome is our Creator!

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