Aunt and nephew have shared the same birthday for 34 years now on Thursday! Peter has told me that he likes having someone to share his birthday, to call them and wish them a happy day, too. And on these monthly family get-togethers, there’s usually a birthday to celebrate!

Gigi spent yesterday with us and also this evening. She helped me make Peter’s birthday carrot cake. I had never made one before, and it’s his favorite cake. I’ve always asked his mom or Donna to make his cake…it intimidated me for some veggie reason. So this year I did it, and either it was a success, or people were gracious enough to eat it and rave over it to make up for it’s humble appearance next to the gorgeous and delicious chocolate bouquet that Donna and Scott brought for Aunt Brooke’s cake. It was fun to make, and my man seemed happy…although I think he would have liked for me to have left it burnt so I could make him two cakes! 🙂

It was a lovely evening celebrating two wonderful people, and I’m so glad Grandma could come again! I love Peter’s family!

 The amazing chocolate cake covered in camellias from The Barlow Garden and Kitchen! My first carrot cake! Happy birthday Aunt Brooke and Peter!

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