February 18th, 2008

It was a gorgeous Sunday and the worship service had put lovely thoughts and melodies into our heads – creation called, but lunch first. Noel has graciously had us over for lunch the past two Sundays as the boys and I waited for Peter to finish some church duties, and as she lives right across the parking lot and has yummy food, the arrangement has been eagerly repeated. I don’t think Peter had even eaten his sandwich before he had opened the boxes of networking “toys” he called them and proceeded to set up internet for the Sharratt’s. (So maybe, if you’re able to read this, Noel, welcome back to the online world, and thank you again for lunch!) Peter sent me off to pick up my sister as he wasn’t quite finished setting things up and she was waiting. Gigi’s sunshine brightened my afternoon and outlook a little more. I’m so grateful to have her in my life! When we got back to the church Peter was wrapping things up, so we piled in the car and headed out for a hike in the last of the afternoon sunshine. Noel had suggested Corriganville which was just a couple minutes away, and where I hadn’t been since before Peter and I were engaged! I remembered some stunningly beautiful oak trees with a clearing underneath, but I didn’t find it right away when we got there. The boys went straight to the rocks to climb!

 Running to the rocks! Ian’s ride for most of the day. How happy he was to be with Daddy! Seth smiling for me before taking on the heights! Everybody up! How great is our God! Gigi! Oh, how sweet is your presence! Ian had fun playing high five with Gigi! A cave, just my size! Under a beautiful, ancient oak. Peekaboo with mommy! Ian just cut his first tooth three days ago!…but you can’t see it yet. :) Seth walking at his own pace. Gigi joined him. :-) Looking at a bit of water down in the creekbed. “…only God could make a tree!” This is what I remembered. Gigi with Ian Gigi and I! Peter and I Jerome and Seth Funny faces for Gigi! Seth making faces for Gigi That’s about the extent of his funny faces. Showing Gigi his black hands from his charred stick gun he carried around for most of the hike. Thanks for the fun and sweet pictures, Gigi! And thank you for the light in my day! walking back. Peter took us out to hamburgers at In N Out before taking Gigi home. What a day!

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February 14th, 2008

that made me smile:

“Today is a holiday! It’s the day we celebrate God!” – Jerome

“Look at those clouds! It’s moving into the air, into life! That little cloud is broken.” – Seth

“Can you bless the trees? We should bless the trees!” Seth tells me as he’s pulling me over to the couch under the window to look outside. We sit together and watch the sunset and the airplanes fly by…just the two of us at dusk.

“Look, there’s a jet! It’s a jet airplane. Where’d it go? (behind the tree) We should say gubye to it…outside, but it’s going to get dark. That lemon tree is going to be my rocket!” – Seth


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February 14th, 2008

Peter, you have loved me and changed me, you have encouraged me and protected me, pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable and challenged me toward a higher thought. I am honored to be your wife and the mother of your sons! I love you, Baby!

 To love and to cherish

 An unforgettable beginning…

 You carried my dawn!

 I love you, Peter!

 Forever and a day!

“To love thee Year by Year –
May less appear
Than sacrifice, and cease –
However, dear,
Forever might be short, I thought to show –
And so I pieced it, with a flower, now.”
~Emily Dickinson

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February 10th, 2008

A note I took down last week:


“As I am studying on narration, Jerome is drawing on his antler sprawled out on the floor and Seth sits quietly at the table drawing tiny detailed shapes with my pen. I hear paper being swished back and forth on the table and Seth says “Look Mommy, lines!” I look over and he’s moving his paper in the shadows of the blinds cutting the light streaming through the window and falling on the table. I explain to him what it is and continue my reading. A minute later he says “It’s God’s light!” then he is distracted by Jerome’s loud scribbling and plants his feet in a patch of sunshine on the carpet to watch. He just ran over and a planted a kiss on my cheek.” 🙂

Last night David and Noel were over for dinner at our house and Seth is looking at a big book about the human body and studying the page on muscles. There was a drawing of different facial expressions illustrating facial muscles, one frowning, one smiling, and one singing. David asked Seth “Why do you think he’s frowning?” and Seth answered “Because his head is off!”. He was right, it was only a head. 🙂

“Look! I drawed a refridgerator and milk! He’s going to get it out for his mommy. He’s strong! Like God! And emeny!” 1.4.08

When Seth was sick with the flu he said in a very faint voice with long pauses: “Mama, I need something. Um, I need a shower. A toy one. Yes, today.” (?)

This one is Jerome’s: Yesterday as we were in the car with Anna her radio was on and she asked the boys “Who can tell me what instruments they hear playing?” Jerome immediately throws his hands into he air and yells “ipod!”. 🙂

And just this evening Seth and Ian were playing around on the floor and Seth put his crocheted hat on Ian’s head and said “Look! He’s a winter baby!”…he makes me smile!

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February 9th, 2008

Anna invited the boys and I to go on a hike with her this afternoon, and as Peter had to study it was a good chance to give him a quiet house for a while. All three carseats barely fit into her backseat, but Peter got them in there!

Jerome said Sage Ranch was too long of a hike, and I agreed with him as they’d had a full day already getting to the Grand Prix “right after breakfast”! 🙂  It was a warm and glorious day, but we could see snow on the mountains in the distance!

Seth took quite a bit of coaxing to keep up with us as it was pretty much all uphill for the first half of the hike, but Auntie Anna had an I spy game for them to play, and then she played hide and go seek with them at the top, too! She’s such a fun person to be around, a light in our lives!

She treated all of us to some frozen yogurt before taking us home again, and we got a glimpse of the sunset as we turned into our drive. Thank you so much for the fun times, Anna!

 Can you see the snow? I see two precious boys! There, now you can see the snow! The reservoir looked bluer than that… Anna caught a pic of me helping Seth off with his sweater! Jerome enjoyed throwing rocks down the hillside. Seth enjoyed throwing rocks into the cement and making them “explode”. The cross within sight! Anna hiking with the boys! Thank you for the hike and treat, Anna! It’s just a treat to spend time with you! The way to the cross…I pray our boys will find it. Jerome ran ahead of us and I liked how this frame looked. The cross is just a symbol of our faith. It’s a reminder that Jesus died for our sins, and it’s empty to remind us that He also rose from the dead! What a glorious hope we have in Him!

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