Peter forgot to take his lunch with him this morning so the boys and I hopped in the car and drove out in time to meet Peter as he came back from his run. It’s a cloudy, drizzely day, and it was good to see him in the middle of it… a little sunshine in our overcast day!

 Jerome scaled this tree in his rainboots! He made it all the way up into the tree with Peter spotting him! Looking for a place to picnic. Seth wanted to be carried up, he said he was too hard to climb! :-) Our picnic plateau. Ian didn’t really eat the rocks, he just tried to. I climbed up to try to follow my mountain goat boys, but met them on the way down. Going back…with a rock on his head? “I have a bush thingy in my boot!” We weren’t even out of the car yet at home when Audrey came running up to show us her new haircut. :-) I think it suits her perfectly! And the total lunar eclipse happened last night, but the boys were in Awana, Peter was in school, and I was in the grocery store parking lot trying to balance the camera on the dashboard! But this is the only shot I could grab before a cloud came over. How awesome is our Creator!

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One Response to “Picnic in Westlake”

jane Says:

hey dear! it’s so fun to see pictures of you all having wonderful times together…. life is made up of lots of little moments – right? 🙂
i miss you all so much!!! and am entirely bummed at my horrid timing – i’m finally coming home for a visit the weekend of the awesome trip to mammoth…. i’ll miss you all so much!!! hugs and kisses all around!! i keep thinking of you guys when i look at the velvety green hills around here – i think you would love it so much.
p.s. the pictures are all amazing captures, but the oak trees are especially beautiful.

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