Tidbit from “When Children Love to Learn” by Elaine Cooper

“She (Elsie Kitching) talks of the Wise Men finding Jesus in “a most unroyal place” as an example of finding truth in an unexpected place: “When they had arrived they had no doubt. They recognized the truth when they found it.

When we meet the truth, we notice I think, three things. First, that like a jigsaw, the pieces fit into place unexpectedly. Lesser truths dawn, and are seen to be connected; it all ties up. Then, we shrink in size as we see ourselves and our problems from a different and strange angle and…more and more dawns on us. This might be a depressing proccess but it is not so because truth is always bigger than man and independent of self.

Yet – and this is what strikes me most – although alien in this sense, strange and surprising, truth is always a friend; the stranger is recognized, the surprise is joyful. An old acquaintance!”

“Together teacher and child are under a higher authority. The child should not be asked to be good to please a parent or teacher. Children and the adults both must choose to obey God. Both are learning how to be better people, and both children and adults are interested and learning from books, nature, art, music. Ideas are discussed. Thought is important. Children have amazing ideas! They grow in proper self-esteem as they are listened to and allowed to be themselves.”


It was fixin’ to rain one day this week and Seth walked to the open door and looked up: “I talked to the sky…and the sky didn’t talk!”

“Raven’s making clouds!” She was standing in the doorway on a cold night breathing heavily and, yes, making clouds!

“Mommy, come tell on Jerome!”


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