Jane was home on Spring Break this week and set aside Wednesday afternoon to spend with us! We went on a picnic hike with Noel and the Barlow boys up on Big Sky Trail behind the Barlow’s place. Peter had taken us up there on Monday and I hadn’t taken my camera, so I wanted to go back with it (and the boys dressed in jeans) because the wildflowers were blooming like I had never seen before. I wish California were always this pretty. 😉

Jane, thank you for your precious time given to us. We love you dearly and cherish every minute!

 Jane pushed the little boys up and over all those hills! Yes, they are cousins! Seth and Zachary had some great conversations together. I wish I knew what they were saying! Jerome ran ahead of us most of the hike. And waited for us to catch up! Raven got to hike, too! Seth wanted to run up the hill like Jerome did, so Auntie Jane helped him. :-) At the top! Jerome loved to have us watch him run as fast as he could down the hills. Ian and Brennan hanging out together in the stroller. They took turns patting each other and grabbing ears and hair. I think they adore each other!  Whiteface My boys and Whiteface. Raven absolutely loved running around with the boys! When she would barrell her way through the brush, the smell of sage would burst around us. It was lovely!  The poor dog got so hot, though. I didn’t envy her black coat! Jerome could have run circles around us he was so full of energy! These little ones were getting ready for their naps by lunchtime. Getting ready to give thanks. By the end of luch, we were scooted back under the bushes as far as we dared to gain a little shade! Indian Paintbrush Blackeyed Susans Brodiaea  Seth in a valley of mustard flowers.  Zachary in the valley of mustard flowers.  Butterfly Mariposa Lily  Butterfly Mariposa Lily  Butterfly Mariposa Lily  Chamomile, or Trickseed?  Indian Paintbrush  Zachary  Black Mustard  Goard flowers  Whiteface again.  Blackeyed Susan?  Lupine  Jerome called up, “This is so beautiful!”  Seth was playing hide and go seek with Zachary. :-)  Jane took this of Zachary. :-)  Poor Ian feel alseep before picture time.  Jane helped them smile.  That was a long hike!  Time for a nap. :-)  Thanks for this pic, Jane!  And thank you for your time. We miss you already!

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2 Responses to “Big Sky Trail”

Pete Davis Says:

If you keep posting pictures like these, you might just end up with new neighbors…us! What a beautiful hike!

jane Says:

i miss you already too… 🙂

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