She kept the boys all day Saturday for us and they had so much fun with her! Sprinklers, smoothies, park time, hamburgers, and lots of laughs was the report I received when we got home at 10pm. I also got a huge running leap and a bear hug from Jerome who had waited up for us. He had a bouquet and a note waiting for me on my nightstand that he shoved at me too. SO adorable! We could not have had the day we did on Saturday without her. Thank you, Gigi! I’m so very, very thankful you live near us and can share our lives!

Since Gigi spent the night with us, she got to see the boys open their Easter baskets, and help get all of us ready for church in the morning. When we got home from church everybody immediately changed into comfy clothes as it was a hot day…but all of the pics of the boy’s easter egg hunt are casual. Oh, well, they had a blast!

I’ll show you pictures, but first I’ll tell you that the rest of the day was made so special just by having my sister around! (Not to mention the 20 minute nap I got while she kept them outside!) She came to the family dinner that evening and sat with me while Peter took care of Ian. My day was so special because of my loved ones. But I got home to a message from Vanessa…we missed their call. Sometimes that feels so heavy. But I have the gift of her voice on my answering machine! 🙂

Here’s the boy’s Easter egg hunt and Ian’s ten month pics…

 They wandered around the yard for a few minutes before they found any eggs. I love his expression. :-) Here is the first series of Seth finding an egg… He would immediately open it and empty the egg into his bucket… And then he would very carefully place the empty egg in his rain boot where he had found his first egg! Jerome loved the challenge of finding them! Another series of Seth finding an egg. I’m pretty sure he got more than just hints from Daddy. :-) Showing me where he found the egg. :-) Then very carefully putting the empty egg in his boot. Jerome found an egg in the apple tree! That was fun! Good egg hiding, and good clues Daddy! Ian getting some Gigi time! It just occured to me that they are both third born! I like the lighting. So precious! Glad Gigi doesn’t mind the baby drool. Thank you for being here for us, Gigi. You are a blessing in our lives and I can’t tell you how much I love you! You’re such a goof and make my life fun! Daddy helped Ian ride Seth’s tractor, and boy was he happy! Our ten month old! Please excuse the diaper, I did have him dressed at several points that day…this wasn’t one of them. He was totally bouncing and rocking in that seat, enjoying his chance to finally sit on it instead of chase it! Trying to make it go, maybe? Ian is so mobile now, not just crawling, but climbing and exploring! He has six teeth and absolutely adores his daddy! And this one Peter took. I like the angle and Ian’s expression! Happy ten months, Ian Daniel!

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2 Responses to “Our Easter / Ian is Ten Months!”

Pete Davis Says:

Great shots of the kids as always, Veronique! Sarah and I were talking on Easter about our previous Easters with the Guy family. We really miss you all so much! Keep writing so we can keep up with how things are going!

Regina Says:

This was by far the best easter I’ve had in years. It was such a blessing to be with you and your family and enjoy the entire weekend! Hopefully we will have a repeat next year 🙂 I love you

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