Catching up from the last week or so…

 Seth playing with his digger under the lantana and rose bushes…watching Ian coming around the corner. The tree is dropping oranges that have split on the ground and Ian loves to taste them. He’s also been known to bite right through the rind to get to the fruit, just like his brothers before him. :-) Jerome made a flag (designed, colored, and mounted all by himself) and was trying to balance it on his hand like his daddy. Seth watching the new additions to the bug collection. Swinging! Total enjoyment and trust. Abby comes by when she gets off work somedays and it’s such a blessing to have her take the boys to play as I’m getting dinner on. Thanks Abby! Ian loves to swing! And he loves Aunt Abby! I love this shot of Seth and Jerome together, and I thought I’d try for one of all my boys… but it wasn’t going very well. as you can see   this was the best we got that day. and here’s the reason. Mommy chose the wrong time for pictures!

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