Despite the gloomy days before and after their wedding day, Saturday May 10th became a beautiful day with delicious sunshine that matched the joy radiating from Becky and Danny. They fell in love slowly at her dad’s church and he married them in that church. Becky and Danny, may the Lord bless your marriage all your days and may you find Him to be your center and source. Congratulations and thank you for the honor of photographing your wedding!

A big thank you to Noel for helping me out during the wedding and praying for me! Peter was able to come to the reception and put on the slideshow so everyone could see wedding pictures, and then we got to drive home together just the two of us, what a treat! Also a big thank you to Mom and Abby for keeping our boys all day.

Here are my favorites from the day:

       Her brother was not supposed to make it to her wedding as he’s in the military. He obviously surprised her. What a wonderful wedding gift!           Anna played the piano while Jane sang and the bride’s sister played the violin.   married!               {Raya }                {Raya }

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3 Responses to “Becky and Danny’s Wedding”

jane Says:

amazing. beautiful work veronique! she’s going to LOVE them!!!

Noel Says:

AMAZING pics! Congrats and praise the Lord, Veronique. I know she will love them…they are truly an accurate capturing of her day!

Melissa Says:

I was the maid-of-honor at Danny and Becky’s wedding… these are some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. I got teary eyed looking at them! Thanks for the beautiful job, Becky will love them! LOVE the black and white with the red door!

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