Here are pictures from the first part of our quiet week at Mema and Memama’s houses.

 First morning at Mema’s house Seth eats his orange under Gigi’s bed. Helping Mema dig outside. Jerome really enjoyed the shovel! Memama’s trampoline! Ian enjoyed bouncing for a minute, too. I love his hair! Jerome wanted to pull me on the swing and he got it going pretty good, too! Then Seth piled on too. Thanks for the picture, Mama! One evening Memama cooked her yummy southern dinner and invited us all over. While we were there a thunderstorm rolled in and we sat out on the porch for the full experience. It was a first for the boys! Sunshine was nervous and cuddled with Gigi through the thunder…on the porch swing! beautiful sky after the storm. Memama’s house after the storm. Bath time! They had so much fun in there almost every day! Hot morning. Our late riser. :-) That’s Seth in there, really! Nap time in Mema’s beautiful yellow room. Seth played for the longest time in Mema’s pantry. She let him take everything off the shelves! He was playing it was his house. :-) Seth didn’t appreciate Ian joining him. It took Jerome’s help to clean it all up, too! Pool time! He loves oranges! Seth was a sea turtle. I think it’s on his head because it wouldn’t stay on his back. Then he decided to try again! Jerome spent the longest time playing with this. I’m not sure why. He had just plopped down to crawl to me. I’m still trying to get a shot of him walking. Brad invited us over for tractor rides when he found out that Seth loves John Deere tractors! Off they go on a real John Deere! He also has a horse. I think his name is Chizum? I’m not sure Ian had seen a horse before. Thanks Brad! Jerome was keeping a close eye on Seth and the tractor. It’s not as dark as it looks, but it was in the woods and they were knocking down trees making new paths. So fun! Jerome’s turn! He actually got to steer! Ian’s turn! After the motor was turned off. :-) No, I’m not dressed for the weather, it was my bug protection.

Next I’ll post Ian’s birthday pics!

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Laura Milner Says:


I loved looking at all your pictures. I hope you really enjoyed your trip home! I would love to hear all about it. Maybe Sienna and I could bring you guys lunch next week. Please let me know! Hugs!

Love you!

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