Yesterday as I realize that not only are we not going to be here for Ian’s first birthday, when we get home it will be Zachary and Anna’s birthdays. So Noel made an Angel’s Food cake and Mom hosted a little family party for Ian’s first birthday!  He got to splash in the pool a bit, eat Auntie Well’s stuffed shells for dinner, and play with his cousins. Thank you everyone for such a lovely evening in honor of Ian’s birthday!

 Thanks for the cake Auntie Well! He loved the candle! He was talking to it saying “Oooo!” Seth helped him blow it out… but he didn’t understand about blowing out candles. a sweet love with Daddy. Smiling at Papa and playing sleepy boy Ian’s first gift! Thank you for the present Uncle Scott, Auntie Donna, Zachary and Brennan! Happy birthday Ian Daniel!

We’re all packed up, now I just need to clear the bed of suitcases and hop in it! But first I thought I’d share a few thing I heard the boys say today:

“Did the man who’s gonna fly the airplane say it’s ok if it’s heavy?” asked Jerome who wants to pack huge rocks in his backpack to show Mema. He’s finally content with taking his gems book. 🙂

A conversation I overheard at lunch: Seth says “Jerome, tell me to eat.” Jerome says “Eat, Seth.” and Seth says “OK.” as he takes a bite of his sandwich.

“I’m cheersing them!” as Seth walks into his bedroom banging his sippy cups together.

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