After a week with Mema in Georgia and a couple days with the Davis’ in North Carolina we headed home yesterday starting out with a five hour drive from Charlotte to Atlanta at 8am. We got to see Mema again before returning the rental car and catching a 4pm flight. As we were stand-by passengers two days after Memorial Day we didn’t make the flight even though the availability looked alright, nor the next four flights. We spent the day going from gate to gate and actually boarded a plane and then deboarded after it was discovered there were no seats. The Lord made room for us on the very last flight out to Los Angeles last night and we walked through our door at almost two in the morning feeling very grateful to be here safe and all together.

 Waiting for the last flight out of Atlanta. You can see I was too tired to even notice where the focus was. :-p

I’ve had a quiet day here as we’ve taken turns napping, unpacking and being together. Mom took the boys to the park with the Barlow boys while Peter went to the dentist. He chipped his tooth last week while playing marco polo with Jerome in Memama’s pool. He said it didn’t hurt and the chip wasn’t very noticeable, but it felt so weird he kept feeling it with his tongue, which looked funny.  🙂

We get to have Peter home with us until Monday with no school! We’re getting so spoiled this is such a treat.

I’ll try to get pictures up from our trip soon, but I do have a wedding to finish editing also, so thanks for your patience!

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