Her sisters threw her a surprise birthday party on Saturday…and she really was surprised! But she was also late because of me. I had been begging for years to let me take her pictures and she finally agreed to have my camera in her adorable face! But the starting time of her party came and went, and none of us could be dressed or ready to go in the least lest she suspect anything. So the boys were as dirty as could be, Gigi pretended like she was over just to help me get dinner started and hang out, and I just kept snapping photos and chatting with Anna. As soon as she left I called Donna and practically yelled “She’s on her way!” and we scrambled around here to get ready and get up there. We missed her surprise, but I got some awesome shots! So happy surprise birthday party, Anna! And thank you for the shoot!

 We love you Anna!

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Anna Says:

There’s nothing like having a good photographer! 🙂 Thanks so much Veronique!

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