I dug my Psaltry out of the closet the other day, I wasn’t sure why at the time, I just needed to play.

What came from it surprised me. In the past few years I’ve not played it very much and when I have I would always try to play this one song, a hymn actually as those are mostly all I know, but I felt I had lost it as I could not play it.

There was a short time when all three of us sisters each had a Psaltry and we played together in churches, at prayer meetings and such. Vanessa taught herself to read music, and I still can’t, so she would play the harmony and I would play the melody, she just gave me the starting note. I would teach Regina the melody and then we were set for a trio! But shortly after that Vanessa fell in love and got married. Our best song had been “Holy, Holy, Holy” and I didn’t want to lose the sound of it harmonized on the Psaltry so I spent hours and hours teaching myself to play it with two bows. It’s the only song I know how to play with two bows but I had been able to play it to still have the sound of us all together.

This week was the first time in years that I had picked up two bows and been able to play it through.

Most of you know that my twin sister has been in Peru for almost four years now. (I’m also keeping her Psaltry here as the jungle conditions would most likely ruin it.) She’s had many health problems through the years, but this week we learned that she has a blood clot in a vein in her left leg. Once again, we trust the Lord for her life and ask for her healing. Please pray for Vanessa’s safety and healing, and that the medical help they do receive would be timely and wise. Thank you.

 My psaltry with two bows.

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