Scott has been working on his PhD since before we knew him! He’s gotten a new job, married, moved, had two children, planted an amazing yard, all while working on his dissertation! Scott, you’re an amazing person and we thank God for what He’s done in your life and for placing you in our family! We love you!

And thanks also goes to the Williams family who put on an amazing dinner for all of us to celebrate before the commencement ceremonies on Monday. It was so nice to spend some time with your family and we look forward getting to know you better through the years to come, although Riverside seems so far away.

Again, congratulations, Scott!

 As we were waiting for tickets to enter the Commencement Ceremony at UCR. Mom and I with Cathy Walking in after the graduates were seated. It was a beautiful place and the light was amazing as the sun set. waiting waiting patiently I let Jerome take some pictures… I love his perspective. :-) Uncle Scott was exactly where Jerome could see him! There he is! This is when Peter came with the little boys who had been sleeping in the car. Peter’s pictures That’s a piece of light on my face. Almost graduated! Scott Robert Barlow! hooded Whoo hoo!!! Celebrating! Daddy’s graduated! The Dr. and Mrs. Scott Barlow! :-)

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