We’ve enjoyed the water immensely during this heat wave. Sprinklers, kiddie pool, hose, and Papa’s pool (and Papa’s air conditioning) have all been wonderful! Raven’s enjoyed all the water activity, too and is right in there with the boys.

Yesterday Jerome commented “Those are tiny, tiny freckles of water that we can hardly see! Right, Mama?” I had no idea what he was talking about until he pointed at Raven’s coat. She had run through the sprinkler and did indeed have tiny droplets of water shining on her fur.

Seth drinks an emergenC in his sippy cup every night, and he likes all the flavors. Tonight he called out from his bed after he’d tasted it, “Mommy, what flavor is it? Raspberry? Lemon Park?” (I had taken him to Lemon Park this morning to play in their water area while Jerome was in VBS and he had a blast!)

 watering the garden in the evening playing in the dirt after the heat of the day had passed. Daddy set up the slide that was salvaged from an old playset. The boys have had days of fun on that thing already!

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