July 27th, 2008

 Jerome’s gift from Daddy and Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Scott and Auntie Donna, and Mema! Yay! Daddy testing it out. :-) Adjusting his new helmet. Watching Jerome getting ready for his first ride! Here he comes! Riding like a natural. Dismount! There he goes! You’re doing great, Jerome! Happy birthday!

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July 21st, 2008

 As you can see, I’m certainly no cake decorator, but Jerome was thrilled! Thanks for the fun balloons, Gigi! Moveable shade! Rock display! Panning for gems in the sandbox. Hammers! For cracking geodes! Beading necklaces and bracelets With Auntie Well’s help! Excavating gems from plaster molds! Jerome dug up a handful of beautiful gems, wearing the “crown” that he made at the beading station. A nicely contained mess. Cake time! Part of a wonderful crowd of people. Will it light? And stay lit? Happy beyond words. Staring at his cake, his 6 candle, and his flame. :-) As he’s being sung to. I love his expressions in this series of photos… I can tell he’s trying not to smile so he can blow out his candle. SO precious! Surrounded by friends and family…just what he wanted. Papa! Time for presents! A lightsaber from the Jones’! A Creation based Geology book from the Partridges! A T-ball set from Auntie Well and Uncle David! Bionicles from the Bircsaks! K-nex from the Turners! A Bionicle from Gigi… And pirate dress up from Gigi! Finally, an RC truck from the Timinskas’! Thank you everybody! Happy birthday, our precious Jerome! We give thanks to God for making you part of our family! Love, Mommy and Daddy.  And Gigi, too. :-) In closing, a big Thank You to all those who helped put on this party. Mr. and Mrs. Purvis for the use of the rocks for display, Gigi for all your help running errands, Anna for your help setting up, making the party flow, and breaking everything down afterwards. Also Abby, who missed the party to babysit Seth who could not attend due to the croup. And to all who could not be here and have sent your love, thank you!

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July 19th, 2008

He woke up smiling, I could see he knew that today was his special day, and he was waiting to hear “Happy birthday, Jerome!”.  Daddy made waffles as Jerome’s choice of breakfast, then we all headed out to a wedding. Now, before the contract was signed I talked to Jerome about mommy shooting a wedding on his birthday and he said that was fine with him, just so long as he could still have a party! So the party’s tomorrow, but today our eldest son turned SIX years old!

Thanks to all who called him today, he LOVED those calls and even exclaimed in delight how many people called to talk to him!

Happy birthday, our precious Jerome!

 So grown up! What a joy he is to us! How we love you, Jerome! Happy Birthday, big guy!

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July 18th, 2008

 My friend Sarah G. was in town! And we got to celebrate her birthday! It astonished me how her kids have grown! Oh, no. Seth thinks all candles are his to blow out! Can you believe Brian was climbing up that way?!? Jerome sliding down up side down! (you can see the bracelet he made on his arm as practice for the beading at his party) Darrell drove up to spend the Fourth of July with us and brought his Playmobile Pirate ship to give to Jerome! His mother has saved it for years and it has all of the tiny, believable pieces. (The boys have played with it every day since!) Thanks to Noel who drove us down on the LA freeways, we got to have lunch with Sarah during her 11 hr. layover on her way to the Phillipines for a 2.5 week trip! Precious Lisa had us all to lunch at her house where the kids could all play together while we had a chance to visit. A time of prayer and sending off. Our theory is that Ian thougth Jen’s nine month old baby was a doll and he wanted to hold her. He was fascinated by her and highly frustrated that he could not pick her up! Sarah, you have my prayers and my love, always. God be with you!

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July 14th, 2008

I realize I completely missed blogging about our fourth of July and a dear friend from out of town so I will put those pics up as soon as I can. I’ve also had two shoots this week and a wedding coming up this weekend.

This morning Ian and Seth were up at 7am (that’s early for our boys) and they stayed outside after waving goodbye to Daddy while I fixed their breakfast. Seth asked if it was daytime yet and if he could play. He runs over to the ladder and climbs up to the slide, his face and chest bathed in sunshine, and says “Mommy, the sun is rising to me! It’s not burning me up!”

The Lord’s mercies are new every morning!

Then this evening as we sat outside eating dinner with Noel and David, the sun is setting in the west and the moon is rising from the south east. As the sun turns a brilliant orange and blinks good night through the trees at us, Seth said “The sun is firing at me!”. And when he noticed the ever brighter moon shining behind the clouds he said “The moon is hiding!”.

Good night!

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