My friend Sarah G. was in town! And we got to celebrate her birthday! It astonished me how her kids have grown! Oh, no. Seth thinks all candles are his to blow out! Can you believe Brian was climbing up that way?!? Jerome sliding down up side down! (you can see the bracelet he made on his arm as practice for the beading at his party) Darrell drove up to spend the Fourth of July with us and brought his Playmobile Pirate ship to give to Jerome! His mother has saved it for years and it has all of the tiny, believable pieces. (The boys have played with it every day since!) Thanks to Noel who drove us down on the LA freeways, we got to have lunch with Sarah during her 11 hr. layover on her way to the Phillipines for a 2.5 week trip! Precious Lisa had us all to lunch at her house where the kids could all play together while we had a chance to visit. A time of prayer and sending off. Our theory is that Ian thougth Jen’s nine month old baby was a doll and he wanted to hold her. He was fascinated by her and highly frustrated that he could not pick her up! Sarah, you have my prayers and my love, always. God be with you!

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Peter Davis Says:

Veronique, thanks for going to see my wife in LA!! I know she was glad to have you there. Miss you all!

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