July 13th, 2008

This past week held so many wonderful blessings for me. Laura spent most of her Thursday with us! Sienna is getting more and more used to the dog, the pool, and my rambunctious boys and felt so comfortable here that she fell asleep! Ian had a four hour nap that day, too, which was the first time he had such a long nap (he’s cutting three teeth), and Laura and I enjoyed a quiet, special visit. We had time to share our hearts and fellowship together…which is rare with four kiddos running around. Later when Daniel and Peter were having a geek party that evening, Laura came back and brought a yummy dessert and spent more time with us! Thank you so much, Sweetie!

Then Friday we had the first Movie on the Lawn for this summer. It was so fun the few times we did it last year that we couldn’t let the summer go by without another one. However, we couldn’t do it without the Altamiranos set up, so Peter grilled ribs and we had corn and green beans barely finished before people started filling up the yard. Fun times!

After church today Gilbert and Erica brought fresh seafood from the L.A. fish market and Peter grilled it in garlic butter, Noel and David brought yummy bread, limeade, and amazing coleslaw, and I picked up Gigi! Another amazing fellowship and feast.

Another family stopped by later for a photoshoot whom we hadn’t seen in a while. They added to the blessings of our day and filled our house and day to overflowing!

 Laura and Sienna who fell asleep at my house for the first time. :-) How wonderful to be thirteen months old with a bowl of strawberries! Yummm! The new sandbox! Ian loves the sand! Now to keep it in the box…. a John Deere and a sandbox! “Look, Mommy! I’m an angel!”

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July 2nd, 2008

Just catching up on the past couple weeks…

 A portrait for his birthday I love this one! Swingin’ with one hand! I was just testing the light .wink. :-) love ya sista! Gigi snapped this for us! Ha! I love hom! This is a sequence from the other evening when we received a package during supper. Seth wanted to help and Jerome needed help :-) finally the right grip! I love how Seth is watching Jerome Good job, boys! Ok, back to supper! maybe definitely! “Please” hasn’t happened consistently yet. beautiful evening Bubbles! Seth had already spilled most of it. “Quietly comes out of the bubbles.” Ian was sleeping while we played outside. :-) Yay, a bubble! The dog loves bubbles, too! I love you, Seth! The boy’s afternoon playtime outside! A cave with room for two little guys. precious boys!  :-) A mushroom cave! Peekaboo! What a fun afternoon!

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