As you can see, I’m certainly no cake decorator, but Jerome was thrilled! Thanks for the fun balloons, Gigi! Moveable shade! Rock display! Panning for gems in the sandbox. Hammers! For cracking geodes! Beading necklaces and bracelets With Auntie Well’s help! Excavating gems from plaster molds! Jerome dug up a handful of beautiful gems, wearing the “crown” that he made at the beading station. A nicely contained mess. Cake time! Part of a wonderful crowd of people. Will it light? And stay lit? Happy beyond words. Staring at his cake, his 6 candle, and his flame. :-) As he’s being sung to. I love his expressions in this series of photos… I can tell he’s trying not to smile so he can blow out his candle. SO precious! Surrounded by friends and family…just what he wanted. Papa! Time for presents! A lightsaber from the Jones’! A Creation based Geology book from the Partridges! A T-ball set from Auntie Well and Uncle David! Bionicles from the Bircsaks! K-nex from the Turners! A Bionicle from Gigi… And pirate dress up from Gigi! Finally, an RC truck from the Timinskas’! Thank you everybody! Happy birthday, our precious Jerome! We give thanks to God for making you part of our family! Love, Mommy and Daddy.  And Gigi, too. :-) In closing, a big Thank You to all those who helped put on this party. Mr. and Mrs. Purvis for the use of the rocks for display, Gigi for all your help running errands, Anna for your help setting up, making the party flow, and breaking everything down afterwards. Also Abby, who missed the party to babysit Seth who could not attend due to the croup. And to all who could not be here and have sent your love, thank you!

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Christine Roe Says:

Jerome is such a cutie! Happy birthday! I love his eyes…

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