August 26th, 2008

So CSUN has started classes this week, Jerome got a haircut, Seth said some hilarious things, and I slept a cold and the weekend away. We’re still waiting for Ian to cut his fourth molar.

Seth Words:

We heard the common roar of an airplane flying overhead and Seth exclaims “An airplane is landing at our house!” Jerome said “No, it’s not.” Seth asked “Then what’s it doing?” (the sound is fading) “It’s turning off! There’s an airplane at our house!”

“The food floated up, to the top of my head!” I asked him, “What does that mean, Seth?” and he told me, “That means the tractors won’t run over us.” ?!?

He’s still grasping the idea of creation: “God putted everything onto everything!”

Weekend pics:

 Check out the baby swing contraption that Daddy put together for Ian! And notice Jerome’s favoring of his arm and his beautiful hair. I had forgotten how difficult it is to train a little one to mind boundaries! Seth starts making faces as soon as he sees the camera pointed at him… and keeps making faces until he’s told to smile! Jerome enjoying the baby swing. Seth enjoying the baby swing. watching the swing at a safe distance until it’s his turn. Looking for an airplane. The dirt and rash is just a part of his life these days. He gets two or three baths per day, and we’re still waiting for his fourth molar to cut through! I love how Ian is always watching his brothers! “Mommy, did you see me blink?” Silly Seth Post haircut, doing math with Daddy. “Mommy, please take my picture with Daddy.” He told me he didn’t like his hair long anymore. As I cut his hair he was catching it in his hands and told me “It lookses a lot like your hair, Mommy!” :-) He likes it, but I’m not sure I do yet. What do you think?

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August 24th, 2008

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August 24th, 2008

Rebekah Noel came into the world Friday night and delighted her entire family with her dainty pinkness. Her mommy did a wonderful job and they had a beautiful water birth!

 Laboring in the tub at Donna and Scott’s house. A typical newborn picture, but really it’s not a fair representation of her sweet personality. New daddy proud grandma! Adoring the first granddaughter and niece! newborn exam with Auntie Donna! weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz! head - 13 inches chest - 13 1/2 inches length - 21 inches! healthy baby girl! Welcome to the world, Rebekah Noel!

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August 23rd, 2008

Jerome got his cast cut off Friday morning! He’s been counting down the days till he could have it taken off, he had even asked me if I could help him “poke holes” in it so his skin could breath. (I did nothing of the sort) And he was so miserable at night that many nights he needed Benadryl to help him get to sleep. As the saw was buzzing through the red fiber glass I could tell he was excited and nervous, but as soon as the cast was cracked open and the padding cut off, he was instantly rubbing his skin and enjoying the freedom to touch his skin! But he didn’t even try to move his arm. Even after the x-rays and the dr. told him his bone is healed, he said it hurt to move his arm. So he still doesn’t have full range of motion and use of his right arm, but it’s only the stiffness from being in a cast. We’ll go back in three weeks to make sure he has his full and normal use back, but we have some exercises to do until then. He was very disappointed that it still hurt and was listing off all the things he still can’t do (with tears in his big green eyes) so I took him to get a hamburger and a doughnut. 🙂  He’s still favoring his arm and cries when he over extends it during play, but over all he’s doing better just a day later.

 Two whole arms. Thank you, Jesus!

It’s been a year since I first started keeping this blog. It’s been so fun! It’s also been a challenge. I don’t have the time to write as I’d like to, but it’s nice to have a place to keep the everyday stuff where my long distance family and friends can easily keep up with our life.

To Peter who set up my blog and website and continues to work on making my computer life easier, thank you! To those who leave comments and e-mail encouragement, thank you! And to my boys who constantly make my life bright and interesting, I love you!

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August 21st, 2008

We thought this was the last week before CSUN begins Fall classes of 2008-2009. It turns out that classes actually begin next week. But we had a wonderful day away just Peter and I (for the first time since our honeymoon) on Wednesday. He took me up to Carpenteria and Santa Barbara and we spent the day eating delicious food, exploring the beach, and walking Main Street a few times. We had no plans, no expectations, and just enjoyed some time to reconnect before the school year hits. It was an amazing, beautiful day. We were both missing the boys terribly by the end of the day and had so much we wanted to show them that we’re actually thinking about taking them with us on our anniversary trip! (SHHH!!! Don’t tell Gigi! 🙂 )

We’ve had a wonderful summer together, but the beginning of the school year has always felt like a goodbye to me. My prayer has changed through the years as circumstances have changed, my heart has changed, and as God has faithfully met all of our needs. This year as Peter dives into another school year while working full time, and as we begin Jerome’s formal schooling, I thank God for his continued grace and strength, for His wisdom in teaching and parenting three boys, and I also ask that He will remind me moment by moment that HE is the anchor of my soul and ALL I need.

 Yummy breakfast at Jack’s Bistro My man! No, I hadn’t had coffee yet. Morning sunshine We stopped in a bike shop and this tree was in the parking lot! We thought Mom might appreciate seeing this. Peter spied these pretty pink flowers across an empty field. We also saw them later growing next to the freeway. Anyone know what they are? That’s a first. A chainlink fence woven with fake christmas tree. A bridge Peter found connecting the park to a neighborhood. A neat little park we thought the boys would enjoy if they had been with us. Walking to the beach we saw that the “ocean took a bite out of the land”! You see the posted warnings, there was a landslide earlier this month! The stairs down to the beach were still open, so we went down to explore. Well, Peter did. I just followed him. :-) this coastline is amazing! landslide! pelicans! “Did you get them?” :-) see me? see him? we were pretty sure the tide was going out, so we kept going. an amazing pattern on a rock. a rotten tree stump. A little cave! shutter timers are fun. :-) Your curious nature that drives you to explore paid off, Babe! the camera rest. :-) Peter got this shot. We noticed that there was an amazing light show reflected off the waves onto the wet sand only when the wave was cresting. It was absolutely amazing! Is this ice plant? Back to town for lunch. We went to the Natural Cafe for smoothies! A view from the parking lot. Last of the sun seen from a sushi dinner at Pirhana’s! I loved that building covered in vines so we stopped to try for our first self portrait. A stranger offered to take it for us. :-) Thank you for that wonderful day, Peter!

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