We thought this was the last week before CSUN begins Fall classes of 2008-2009. It turns out that classes actually begin next week. But we had a wonderful day away just Peter and I (for the first time since our honeymoon) on Wednesday. He took me up to Carpenteria and Santa Barbara and we spent the day eating delicious food, exploring the beach, and walking Main Street a few times. We had no plans, no expectations, and just enjoyed some time to reconnect before the school year hits. It was an amazing, beautiful day. We were both missing the boys terribly by the end of the day and had so much we wanted to show them that we’re actually thinking about taking them with us on our anniversary trip! (SHHH!!! Don’t tell Gigi! 🙂 )

We’ve had a wonderful summer together, but the beginning of the school year has always felt like a goodbye to me. My prayer has changed through the years as circumstances have changed, my heart has changed, and as God has faithfully met all of our needs. This year as Peter dives into another school year while working full time, and as we begin Jerome’s formal schooling, I thank God for his continued grace and strength, for His wisdom in teaching and parenting three boys, and I also ask that He will remind me moment by moment that HE is the anchor of my soul and ALL I need.

 Yummy breakfast at Jack’s Bistro My man! No, I hadn’t had coffee yet. Morning sunshine We stopped in a bike shop and this tree was in the parking lot! We thought Mom might appreciate seeing this. Peter spied these pretty pink flowers across an empty field. We also saw them later growing next to the freeway. Anyone know what they are? That’s a first. A chainlink fence woven with fake christmas tree. A bridge Peter found connecting the park to a neighborhood. A neat little park we thought the boys would enjoy if they had been with us. Walking to the beach we saw that the “ocean took a bite out of the land”! You see the posted warnings, there was a landslide earlier this month! The stairs down to the beach were still open, so we went down to explore. Well, Peter did. I just followed him. :-) this coastline is amazing! landslide! pelicans! “Did you get them?” :-) see me? see him? we were pretty sure the tide was going out, so we kept going. an amazing pattern on a rock. a rotten tree stump. A little cave! shutter timers are fun. :-) Your curious nature that drives you to explore paid off, Babe! the camera rest. :-) Peter got this shot. We noticed that there was an amazing light show reflected off the waves onto the wet sand only when the wave was cresting. It was absolutely amazing! Is this ice plant? Back to town for lunch. We went to the Natural Cafe for smoothies! A view from the parking lot. Last of the sun seen from a sushi dinner at Pirhana’s! I loved that building covered in vines so we stopped to try for our first self portrait. A stranger offered to take it for us. :-) Thank you for that wonderful day, Peter!

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2 Responses to “A Getaway”

Laura Milner Says:

How wonderful!

I so enjoyed looking at all you pictures. It’s so great that you two were able to get away. What a amazing blessing!

Peter Davis Says:

Hi! (it’s sarah again, somehow signed in as Pete) 🙂

What a fun day you two had! I had no idea it was your first get-a-way together since your honeymoon! Wow! Congrats!! I bet you had such a wonderful time together!

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