Jerome got his cast cut off Friday morning! He’s been counting down the days till he could have it taken off, he had even asked me if I could help him “poke holes” in it so his skin could breath. (I did nothing of the sort) And he was so miserable at night that many nights he needed Benadryl to help him get to sleep. As the saw was buzzing through the red fiber glass I could tell he was excited and nervous, but as soon as the cast was cracked open and the padding cut off, he was instantly rubbing his skin and enjoying the freedom to touch his skin! But he didn’t even try to move his arm. Even after the x-rays and the dr. told him his bone is healed, he said it hurt to move his arm. So he still doesn’t have full range of motion and use of his right arm, but it’s only the stiffness from being in a cast. We’ll go back in three weeks to make sure he has his full and normal use back, but we have some exercises to do until then. He was very disappointed that it still hurt and was listing off all the things he still can’t do (with tears in his big green eyes) so I took him to get a hamburger and a doughnut. 🙂  He’s still favoring his arm and cries when he over extends it during play, but over all he’s doing better just a day later.

 Two whole arms. Thank you, Jesus!

It’s been a year since I first started keeping this blog. It’s been so fun! It’s also been a challenge. I don’t have the time to write as I’d like to, but it’s nice to have a place to keep the everyday stuff where my long distance family and friends can easily keep up with our life.

To Peter who set up my blog and website and continues to work on making my computer life easier, thank you! To those who leave comments and e-mail encouragement, thank you! And to my boys who constantly make my life bright and interesting, I love you!

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One Response to “Cast Off and Blog Birthday!”

Melinda Says:

I’m glad Jerome’s arm is already feeling better.

Thanks for the visit this past week. I enjoyed my time with you and your boys.


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