So CSUN has started classes this week, Jerome got a haircut, Seth said some hilarious things, and I slept a cold and the weekend away. We’re still waiting for Ian to cut his fourth molar.

Seth Words:

We heard the common roar of an airplane flying overhead and Seth exclaims “An airplane is landing at our house!” Jerome said “No, it’s not.” Seth asked “Then what’s it doing?” (the sound is fading) “It’s turning off! There’s an airplane at our house!”

“The food floated up, to the top of my head!” I asked him, “What does that mean, Seth?” and he told me, “That means the tractors won’t run over us.” ?!?

He’s still grasping the idea of creation: “God putted everything onto everything!”

Weekend pics:

 Check out the baby swing contraption that Daddy put together for Ian! And notice Jerome’s favoring of his arm and his beautiful hair. I had forgotten how difficult it is to train a little one to mind boundaries! Seth starts making faces as soon as he sees the camera pointed at him… and keeps making faces until he’s told to smile! Jerome enjoying the baby swing. Seth enjoying the baby swing. watching the swing at a safe distance until it’s his turn. Looking for an airplane. The dirt and rash is just a part of his life these days. He gets two or three baths per day, and we’re still waiting for his fourth molar to cut through! I love how Ian is always watching his brothers! “Mommy, did you see me blink?” Silly Seth Post haircut, doing math with Daddy. “Mommy, please take my picture with Daddy.” He told me he didn’t like his hair long anymore. As I cut his hair he was catching it in his hands and told me “It lookses a lot like your hair, Mommy!” :-) He likes it, but I’m not sure I do yet. What do you think?

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One Response to “Late August Goings On”

Vanessa Says:

AWESOME haircut!!! He looks so cute with his short hair – I love it! You look so grown up Jerome. Hugs and kisses.

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