Yesterday I decided it was finally time for Ian’s first hair trim. For some reason the beginning of haircutting is a sign of growing up for me, and I put it off for as long as I can. Ian’s turn came a bit late, poor fellow, I just wasn’t ready for him to be a big boy yet. (Or more accurately, to try to get him safely still for a session with the scissors.)  I trimmed as much as I could bear to cut, just to get the hair out of his eyes. The back was obviously too long for a little boy, but it still curled most days and looked angelic. Well, one day later (this afternoon) Seth took things (Ian’s curls, to be exact) into his own hands and chopped off a couple curls before I could stop him. Yes, he had permission to be using the scissors for his paper, he just re appropriated them. And so I filled Ian’s first hair trim bag from yesterday with his hair cut from today.

Amazingly, and thankfully, he looks a little younger with his hair at a proper length for a little one and a half year old.

 the keepsake. I have one from each boy. Ha! A break from the scissors! Yes, big brother did it. Looks like they’re celebrating! Donna, I did go back and fix that one piece you can see in the photos. In fact, I kept going back to it to fix a strand here and there. No, I’m not professional! watching his brothers playing. the owie is from a fall with a recorder. And after his bath tonight it all curled under again and looks much better!

Seth’s conversation during dinner this evening:

“Mommy, I wish we had knives on our feet so we could swing at Grandma’s house!” I asked him why we should have knives on our feet to swing at Grandma’s house and he replied, ” So we could skate on the dirt and in the air!”. Of course.

“Is pasta made out of snakes, Mama?”

“I’m killing it with my teeth!”

“I’m gonna build an alarm to fire up the sandbox!”

“This had turkey meat. That’s why it’s made out of meatballs.”

“Mama, we are flying on an airplane, a pretend one.”

“That airplane is making a contrail for the people to walk on! It’s making it wider!”

“A parachute is coming down here onto the ground, gently.”

This was all between mouthfuls of dinner, then he was excused (after finishing my meatballs) to go play in the sand box until dark.

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One Response to “Ian’s First Haircut!”

GiGi Says:

I always think that your boys couldn’t possibly get any cuter…and then, somehow they always do! Great job on the hair cut and I love how you always capture Seth’s words. He makes me laugh 🙂 We need photos of Jerome’s battle scar from Mommy hahah Can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow!!! XOXOXOX

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