September 18th, 2008

I just wanted to give a shout out to Laura Milner who was the awesome florist for the wedding last weekend and also the great second shooter for me! She is so talented and creative and loves the Lord with all her heart and I wanted to give her a post showing her in action!

Love you Laura!

September 13th, 2008

Standing on a hill at The Vineyards with the sounds of the waterfall in the background, just after the red sun dipped behind the low hanging clouds Friday evening, Marcy and Jonny pledged their faithfulness and undying love to each other. Earlier in the afternoon they shared a private “first look” in the bride’s parent’s back yard which made the whole day run so smoothly and gave us some beautiful pictures to run on the slideshow at the reception. (Big thank you to Peter for setting that up!)

Marcy and Jonny, thank you for the honor of shooting your wedding and making me a part of your amazingly beautiful wedding day!

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September 10th, 2008

“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone,

but on trees, and flowers, and clouds, and stars.”

~Martin Luther

Seth’s Words:

“Mr. Sun is drying my water off!”

“I shot a bad spot off the world!”

Jerome’s Words:

“Seth, help me like a trained monkey!”

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September 8th, 2008

Ian was up from 5 – 7 this morning and woke Seth up around 6 AM so Peter made eggs and hash browns and we had breakfast together in the early morning.The boys and I got to go back to bed, but poor Peter started his day and went to work.

Peter told me that Seth had commented on the foggy morning, “Daddy, the sky is messy!” 🙂

 Here’s our messy sky this morning. looks like fall :-)

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September 4th, 2008

Peter’s been working all summer on making the managing aspect of my website easier for me to handle and also organizing the layout and categories, and I’m so excited to be using it soon! But the design stumped us both. I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like, but no clear concept of what could work.

Jane moved home from college this summer after living away for five years and it’s been great to see the beautiful person she is and to get to know her better. It was of her time and amazing creativity that I asked her to help me with the design of my website so I asked her to dinner last night. She graciously fed Ian in his highchair while having a wonderful conversation with me between spoonfuls for the baby and the boy’s interruptions. Then she sat down at my computer and after sketching a general idea of what she had in mind, took a few images from my files, asked me to write “Streetpoet”, used some crazy Photoshop skills and voila! this amazing design is born. I am in awe of her creative ability. She honestly has a gift from the Lord and I’m so honored that she has given her time and talent to help me.

This is just the “first sketch” as Jane calls it. Peter is taking it apart layer by layer and building it into my new site and making it come to life!

{webdesign} This is the first sketch. The pic of me is going to change, and the list font will be different. Less fancy. What do you think?

As Jane was sitting here with me Seth came up and asked “Is that your website Mommy?” and when I answered yes it is he asked, “Does it have webs?”. 🙂

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