October 30th, 2008

 Piled in the wagon! Goats! A pretend train. :-) Passenger Ian Conducting :-) David and Rebekah enjoying a pretend ride. :-) Hi cutie! Seth and Ian Jerome and Ian A pretend truck and tire tunnels! I love this series of photos of Ian and the tunnel. checking it out woah! there goes Seth! So the tunnel’s too scary and the hills too steep. My mountain goats! room for two kings Hmmm…I tried. Happy birthday, Seth Hosea! This is the day! there was a huge sow in there with her babies. ugh. Seth just asked me if the pigs _ate_ the flies on it’s mouth. :-P No, he didn’t fall. :-) pumpkin baby! Seth on an old John Deere! driving the John Deere I love the peeking under the steering wheel! similar photo to the one that was hanging by his bed. Thank you SO much for coming with us David and Noel! He jumped off. Ian liked sitting on the pumpkin. Woah! Of course, one handed! With a walkie in the other. :-) I love the birthday boy with the fall sunflowers and pumpkins. He stopped to study a smashed pumpkin. Ian wanted David, not Mommy, so here I am with my six year old and four year old! Thanks for meeting us, girls! Ian had a turn driving the new John Deere tractor! well, pretending to. :-) a little blurry, but I like it. Jerome makes me smile! I just missed a photo of Ian reaching around that pumpkin. I think he was trying to pick it up! Silly me, I tried again to get a photo of the boys together. But Seth’s birthday is documented!

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October 29th, 2008

 We had just gotten to Travel Town and Seth was immediately in the caboose! can you see Seth? Seth and Audrey Ian and Brennan It is rather amazing he’s not blurry as fast as he was moving! He would have gone further if he had been allowed. Peekaboo Ian! He LOVES his daddy! If you could only hear his exclaimations! Oh, hi there! Audrey, Peter, and Ian Seth on the other side. And then Audrey! Wesley, Ian, Audrey, Peter, Jerome, Brennan (he’s the red shirt), and Seth watching a little train go by. Ooh, rocks! He enjoyed what was on his level. :-) Inside a train car! A portrait of a sin nature. But I LOVE the colors and light! heehee :-) back to exploring with Daddy! You’ll be taller next year, Zachary! I think there was a “No Climbing” sign on that piece of the train… So he’s off to find another place to climb! Oooh! a movable part! Peekaboo, Seth! I love this shot. :-) Caboose climbing chains? Woah! through chains! but what four year old can resist a wheel? I think he was tempted, too. Hi Seth! Best buddies! Most of the time. ;-) somehow we had lost track of Daddy and Ian’s whereabouts… so we set out to find them! Daddy was buying tickets…  for a train ride! it went around twice. Then it was time for cake and presents! Thanks for coming Barlows, Gilberts, Turners, Sharratts, Guys and Bircsaks! Seth helped me make his John Deere birthday cake (which we copied from Vann’s masterpiece) And all the time we were making it he kept errupting “Thank you, Mommy, for my a John Deere birthday cake!” :-) And the day of his party he would tell me “Mommy, thank you for mybirthday party!” SO genuine and precious! that was Jerome’s 4 candle, too. :-) No, I didn’t get a picture of my attempt until AFTER it had been smeared by the plastic wrap and had candles stuck in and taken out. At least Seth was thrilled! Ian’s enjoying his first juice box! Train party! oops, I forgot to bring the forks. Fun times! We only had time for a few presents before the park closed. But I don’t think Seth cared that it was rushed. :-) That face says it all! Thank you Aunt Brooke and Uncle Garin! Mema knows what he likes! I love how you can see the movement around him, but he’s so still as he studies his mask. Oh boy… A dump truck!!! Thank you Turners! Wow, so many fun gifts. Thank you Gilberts! Hahaha! I had asked him to stand _next to_ the rock because the plaque said “Travel Town” but he’s cute anyway! So we found this one on our way out to the car. Happy birthday, precious Seth!

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October 23rd, 2008

Regina sent me this picture of a plaque that was mailed to our mother last week from the Rugby Hall of Fame!

I had no idea they had nominated Daddy to be inducted to the Rugby Hall of Fame. I think only two nominees get elected every two years.

Somehow it’s a nice surprise when I find that other people remember him, too.

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October 20th, 2008

 Mommy’s playing with the camera again. It’s kind of fun! I pulled the camera out because we wanted to look closer at a woodpecker high up in the palm tree and we don’t have any binoculars. so I snapped pics of our afternoon instead. Seth was letting Jerome take a drink. Seth was busy for some time just playing in the mud he was making. playing with overexposure. bright oranges pastel giants the only little bunch of turned leaves around the house right now. she loves going alone to check the mail! making wet sand. it builds better that way. He makes he laugh! I asked him to swallow and go back by the tree for a picture. Jerome snuck in the first one. that’s almost what I wanted… There, that’s it! Wait a minute…where’s he got his hands? They do make me laugh! You can see Jerome’s intention, Ian’s oblivious stare, and Seth’s peeking. Nope, he’s not gonna roll with that one. the frame is off, probably because I was telling Jerome to let Ian go, but it’s the end of the series of failed photos so I like it. :-) Don’t worry, it stayed on the tree. Mommy picked him a ripe one. delicious light! Seth’s favorite place. this was an oops, but I like it! “Ian, can you smile for the camera?” sabotaging the lantana bush. making flower crowns? I LOVE this shot. Ian follows the big boys around wherever he can and is happiest being with them. :-) I know he’s talking, but this is what he was saying, “There’s sun in the lens. There’s sparkles in that camera!” Seth picked these roses for me from the side of the house. There were no stems so we floated them in a bowl. He liked that! I know it’s blurry, but it’s my favorite smile of his! ok, we did just wash the windows, but the couch is right under it which makes it nicely accessible to little hands, so it’s pointless to keep it clean. My funny Jerome! they’re moving the flowers by blowing them across the water. Ian put his mouth on the rim to blow the roses… and made himself laugh! What a blessing these boys are to me!

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October 20th, 2008

Aunt Becky came to visit this weekend and what a treat for us to spend time with her! She also got to meet her namesake for the first time.

We love you, Aunt Becky! Thank you for coming, and we hope it won’t be too long before we make it out to see you!

 Sisters! Rebekahs! Aunt Becky with the Sharratts.

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