Regina sent me this picture of a plaque that was mailed to our mother last week from the Rugby Hall of Fame!

I had no idea they had nominated Daddy to be inducted to the Rugby Hall of Fame. I think only two nominees get elected every two years.

Somehow it’s a nice surprise when I find that other people remember him, too.

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3 Responses to “Rugby Hall of Fame”

Peter Davis Says:

That’s awesome! At first when I started reading, though, I thought you were going to say that your mom was inducted into the Rugby Hall of Fame. That would have officially put your mom on my “Coolest People in the World” list!

Veronique Says:

Pete, You’re hilarious! It was so clear in my head…of course not everyone would know that my Dad played football, basketball, rugby, boxed, and ran track, and my mother was an airline mechanic! 🙂

Laura Milner Says:

This is great! I’m so glade Gigi sent you a picture of it.

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