We had just gotten to Travel Town and Seth was immediately in the caboose! can you see Seth? Seth and Audrey Ian and Brennan It is rather amazing he’s not blurry as fast as he was moving! He would have gone further if he had been allowed. Peekaboo Ian! He LOVES his daddy! If you could only hear his exclaimations! Oh, hi there! Audrey, Peter, and Ian Seth on the other side. And then Audrey! Wesley, Ian, Audrey, Peter, Jerome, Brennan (he’s the red shirt), and Seth watching a little train go by. Ooh, rocks! He enjoyed what was on his level. :-) Inside a train car! A portrait of a sin nature. But I LOVE the colors and light! heehee :-) back to exploring with Daddy! You’ll be taller next year, Zachary! I think there was a “No Climbing” sign on that piece of the train… So he’s off to find another place to climb! Oooh! a movable part! Peekaboo, Seth! I love this shot. :-) Caboose climbing chains? Woah! through chains! but what four year old can resist a wheel? I think he was tempted, too. Hi Seth! Best buddies! Most of the time. ;-) somehow we had lost track of Daddy and Ian’s whereabouts… so we set out to find them! Daddy was buying tickets…  for a train ride! it went around twice. Then it was time for cake and presents! Thanks for coming Barlows, Gilberts, Turners, Sharratts, Guys and Bircsaks! Seth helped me make his John Deere birthday cake (which we copied from Vann’s masterpiece) And all the time we were making it he kept errupting “Thank you, Mommy, for my a John Deere birthday cake!” :-) And the day of his party he would tell me “Mommy, thank you for mybirthday party!” SO genuine and precious! that was Jerome’s 4 candle, too. :-) No, I didn’t get a picture of my attempt until AFTER it had been smeared by the plastic wrap and had candles stuck in and taken out. At least Seth was thrilled! Ian’s enjoying his first juice box! Train party! oops, I forgot to bring the forks. Fun times! We only had time for a few presents before the park closed. But I don’t think Seth cared that it was rushed. :-) That face says it all! Thank you Aunt Brooke and Uncle Garin! Mema knows what he likes! I love how you can see the movement around him, but he’s so still as he studies his mask. Oh boy… A dump truck!!! Thank you Turners! Wow, so many fun gifts. Thank you Gilberts! Hahaha! I had asked him to stand _next to_ the rock because the plaque said “Travel Town” but he’s cute anyway! So we found this one on our way out to the car. Happy birthday, precious Seth!

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GiGi Says:

What a blessing Seth is in my life! He brightens up my whole world. You captured the day in pictures so very well that I feel like I was there and a part of it. My heart was definitely with y’all. You did an incredible job on the John Deere cake…it looks AMAZING! I’m so proud of you, Neekers. Lots of love.

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