Piled in the wagon! Goats! A pretend train. :-) Passenger Ian Conducting :-) David and Rebekah enjoying a pretend ride. :-) Hi cutie! Seth and Ian Jerome and Ian A pretend truck and tire tunnels! I love this series of photos of Ian and the tunnel. checking it out woah! there goes Seth! So the tunnel’s too scary and the hills too steep. My mountain goats! room for two kings Hmmm…I tried. Happy birthday, Seth Hosea! This is the day! there was a huge sow in there with her babies. ugh. Seth just asked me if the pigs _ate_ the flies on it’s mouth. :-P No, he didn’t fall. :-) pumpkin baby! Seth on an old John Deere! driving the John Deere I love the peeking under the steering wheel! similar photo to the one that was hanging by his bed. Thank you SO much for coming with us David and Noel! He jumped off. Ian liked sitting on the pumpkin. Woah! Of course, one handed! With a walkie in the other. :-) I love the birthday boy with the fall sunflowers and pumpkins. He stopped to study a smashed pumpkin. Ian wanted David, not Mommy, so here I am with my six year old and four year old! Thanks for meeting us, girls! Ian had a turn driving the new John Deere tractor! well, pretending to. :-) a little blurry, but I like it. Jerome makes me smile! I just missed a photo of Ian reaching around that pumpkin. I think he was trying to pick it up! Silly me, I tried again to get a photo of the boys together. But Seth’s birthday is documented!

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