For our birthday she wanted to give us portraits together, but that day will have to wait. Yesterday Laura took portraits of just me. I had not had my picture taken in a very long time, and certainly never that many all at once! And I LOVE them! Laura did such an amazing job because it is rare that I actually like pictures of myself. I’m really hoping to use some for my new website, and as gifts for my mother and husband. 🙂

To view my portrait session check out Laura’s blog.

Not only is Laura a budding professional photographer, she’s a five star chef! Well, she could be. She brought a mediterrainian chicken pasta salad, hummus with pita, and cargo bars for dessert….AND a brilliant bunch of sunflowers in a unique glass pitcher! I could not possibly feel more loved.

Laura, thank you for spending your afternoon with us, and for blessing me so abundantly!

 Laura rockin’ her Canon! :-) photographing me photographing her :-) cool flash :-) Laura is such a beautifully creative person. and I’m so thankful to have her as a friend!

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One Response to “Laura’s Gift”

GiGi Says:

I’ve never seen a bad picture of you but also have never seen such spectacular pictures of you!! Veronique, Laura’s photography is so similar to yours, it made me so very happy to see such beautiful and perfect pictures of you that capture your stunning beauty and personality! I think it was
IMG-4507-BW where you’re laughing – if you cover your smile from the nose up I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you if it was you or Nessers!! That doesn’t happen often that I see your identicalness (haha I made that word up) but I think it was God’s way of allowing portraits together while you’re a world apart. I can’t wait for the day that Laura can do portraits of you and Nessers together! You two are the most beautiful women that I know, inside and out. My heart breaks being far away from both of you. I praise the Lord for bringing you such wonderful friends as Laura, I know you’re well loved and cared for. Can’t wait to see you!!

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