People have been telling me happy birthday all week. They’re so sweet to remember my birthday and maybe it’s totally rude of me, but I correct them every time…it’s not MY birthday, it’s OUR birthday! I am a TWIN and people here just don’t know me as a twin. I love. love. love sharing a birthday with another person. And she’s not just any other person, she is the perfect compliment to me, my opposite in less and less things as we get older, and we’re countries apart, and 26 today.

Happy birthday. Nessers! I love you!

I wanted a family photo today. Not just our little family (although we did get one of those, too) I wanted a picture of all of my Guy family together, and they made it happen! Thank you so much, family!

 trying out the white barn for a backdrop. deciding the white on white wasn’t gonna be the best… and going for the brown…love it! My amazing family! love you, babe! Thanks for the photos, Scott! I love this one! Jane shot some little family ones for us! Hahaha! Seth makes me laugh our family

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4 Responses to “Our Birthday, My Family”

Melinda Says:

~ Veronique ~

Happy Birthday to both of you! I’ve been thinking about your birthday…I knew it was this month. I hope you had an absolutely wonderful day. Did you get to talk to Vanessa?


Laura Milner Says:

Oh I love the photo’s. They came out lovely. I am so glad you were able to get the picture you wanted. I am so sorry about not being able to come over on Thursday. I am hoping to be able to make it up to you this Thursday. I hope you were able to enjoy your and Vanessa’s birthday. I love you so much my sweet friend. Hugs!

GiGi Says:

It breaks my heart to not spend the 15th with you and Nessers! I love you both with all my heart. Your pictures are amazing and I really want a life size copy of your family right here with me…move it from room to room with me 🙂 The brown back ground is stunning and the flower back ground is beautiful and so very Cali! I can’t believe you got a picture of the whole GUY family at once…what a great shot! I love you so very much! Please give my boys hugs and kisses. Missing you more than I can describe.

sarah Says:

WOW!! What GORGEOUS pictures of your family and the GUY family! 🙂 I love the background and also the “crispness” of everyone wearing white shirts. It looks so nice 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetie! To you and Vanessa!

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