That’s the name of the scent my twin sister would purchase for her hand and dish soap when she set up her first home with her new husband…eight and a half years ago. We were seventeen and she was already a housewife in a cabin on top of a mountain in Georgia…and I missed her. They let me stay with them in their little cabin for a week or more at a time! We cooked together to pass the time, and talked, and washed dishes with her amazing smelling soap, and talked some more. Up there the rain smelled better, the dew drops shone brighter, and the view was closer to heaven. Our hands would still smell of her scented soap long after the dishes were done…and when they took me home I missed her before the scent faded.

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve smelled White Melon and Cucumber, and I wouldn’t have remembered the name of it, but tonight my friend Erika gave me a candle for our birthday with that exact scent and I’m taken back to those days on top of a mountain in a cabin with  my twin sister… it reminds me of dishes and of her thoughtful love in remembering me and inviting me to share their beautiful, new life together.

Thank you, Erika, for the very appropriate candle! And thank you, Vanessa, for your sacrifice of time for your lonely and left behind twin all those years ago. I’m remembering very vividly tonight… because of a candle…and I love you, and still miss you.

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Melinda Says:

What a sweet post, Veronique! It really touched me and made me think of the bittersweet moments of being a twin.


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