December 26th, 2008

Our morning was delightfully yummy with Scott’s fresh cinnamon rolls delivered right from his oven, and the rain was falling in a cold, gray Christmas morning when the boys woke up. Jerome was up first, of course, full of anticipation and excitement! When his brothers woke up an hour later Peter read Luke 2 before opening presents.

 Jerome was so very eager to show his brothers their stockings! Good morning, Seth! :-) Ian enjoying Seth’s new toy drill. slinkys! I love Seth’s face. :-) Merry Christmas, Seth! Merry Christmas, Jerome! Jerome helping Ian open his gift from the Jones’. He loves his pound puppy! And this was baby Bekah’s first Christmas!

It was a wonderful morning that lead to a precious day at Papa’s house. We finished Advent together and shared some Christmas hymns before exchanging gifts, then came a wonderful Christmas dinner with extended family and friends!

Tomorrow we fly to GA to see my family!

I will post again next year. Merry Christmas!

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December 21st, 2008

This past weekend Jerome announced the long awaited LOOSE two front teeth!

And last night he came to tell me he’d had a bad dream. He didn’t look at all upset to me, but it must have been exciting enough to wake him up. He told me he had dreamed that he was swinging on our rope swing but he was going too high and he flew off the swing all the way around the world! He came back and landed by the swing tree and ran home and woke up.Isaid that sounded exciting and not scary, he said no, it was scary to him. 🙂

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December 14th, 2008

 diggin’ in the dirt together, three boys and a dog. taken from my bedroom window, Ian picked a tangerine for himself… climbed up the bank to the shade and sat down to peel and enjoy his snack! notice one shoe is missing. :-) I took this out of the kitchen window. I had made him clean up his bunk bed and in the process he found his adventure gear. Here it looks like he’s fencing. After sheathing his sword he picks up this pipe to sound a rousing blast of “Doodoodoo!!!” Next he pulls his telescope out of his belt to take a look around… then puts it away to come running in the house to tell me he spotted the city maintenance men drive upto fix our fence! He’s all set for his next adventure! After a wonderful afternoon in LA with Grandma Guy celebrating her 91st birthday (I forgot to take my camera) we got home in just enough time to make a wreath! before heading to church for AWANA. Yes, those are very chapped lips on Jerome. We had a lot of fun making this wreath out of trimmings from our tree, and the boys gathered the pinecones from under the trees and rolled them in glitter glue! It’s our first wreath, so I was going to drive a nail above the door… but there wasn’t time. :-) The next day all the boys are playing outside again and I notice Ian toddeling down to the avocado tree carrying a stool? Ha! He wanted to climb the tree like he sees Jerome doing all the time. Except the stool didn’t work as well as he thought. You see him yelling at me to help him! He sat there patting the tree and saying “Tee!” over and over again! He was so happy there he didn’t want to get down so I left him sitting up there for a while, and he loved it! he was putting “clogs” (as Seth says it) of dirt in the bastket? I still haven’t asked him about that one. Seth doesn’t quite climb trees yet, either. But he asked me to take his picture :-) “Then up.” he said. He wanted me to turn the camera. :-) I lOVE my boys!

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December 9th, 2008

This is the earliest we’ve ever gotten a tree as we usually wait for Peter to finish his semester, but he graciously gave us his Sunday evening before finals. I wanted to get a tree earlier because we’re planning on being in GA for the week after Christmas and will probably take it down when we get home.

Following a wonderful tradition,  we had Darrell and Eric with us to pick out our tree, eat pizza and decorate! The boys had fun gathering branches to take home, playing with the strings discarded from unwrapped trees, and hiding in the “forest” of chopped down Christmas trees. Although Peter liked the first tree we looked at, Darrell decided that we should consider at least three trees before hauling one home…for the experience of the-perfect-tree-hunting! 🙂  I’m glad we did! A helpful and spunky employee unwrapped our perfect tree, trimmed the trunk, and netted it for us, then Peter tied it to the car while we ordered pizza! At home after a delicious meal around a table with loved ones we unpacked the decorations from our Christmas tote with much excitement and rediscovered our Christmas memories from years past. Most of them are from my childhood, and we found that Jerome has three ornaments of his own while Seth and Ian don’t have any, so I aim to change that. Not that they care now, but someday they might. Jerome had claimed a cast off pine tree branch as his own little Christmas tree and hung his own three ornaments on it with some borrowed ones and carried it around most of the evening replacing fallen ornaments over and over until we found a vase to “plant” it, wherein it could stand upright and not keep tipping over. He adores his own little tree, and I think it’s pretty clever. 🙂

So here are pictures of our Christmas tree this year:

 Darrell and Seth! Hahaha! Fun times! Ian was already in bed, but Darrell, Jerome, Seth, and Eric posed for a memory. Our tree! Jerome wanted a picture with the big tree… and his own little tree! (His ear is red because he had fallen earlier and hit it on the Christmas tote.)

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December 6th, 2008

My mind is still back in September somewhere. School beginning. Taekwondo lessons. AWANA. It’s taken me a while to get the hang of the routine of homeschooling with Peter in college plus little ones to care for. But here we are at the end of the year with Christmas approaching fast! We’ve made plans (but have not bought tickets yet)  to go to GA the week after Christmas because my twin sister and her family are flying back from Peru for a timely break! I’m shocked that I’m not actually jumping off the walls with excitement…it still seems too good to be true! Our whole family together again for a blissful week? I cannot think of a better gift!

Here are some pictures of the boys this past week:

 I saw this picture out of our livingroom window and grabbed the camera. Jerome was inside doing lessons with me, and Ian and Seth were taking a tangerine break from their play. Jerome had the idea that all three boys could swing at the same time if Daddy pushed them. he then asked me to go get my camera :-) This was taken as a bank of clouds was rolling in from the southwest. The sunset was amazing! But my camera was put away by then. Since the light was delicious and I did have the camera out, Peter helped me snap these photos of Ian. He is now 18 months old! He’s a precious little guy with his own ideas about things… and a ready smile! He follows his brothers around all day doing whatever they do and is frustrated if he can’t or they don’t let him. I pray that someday he will be a strong man of God and will be able to stand alone if need be, for what is right. He is such a joy! Daddy asked him “Where’s Ian’s belly button?” “Where are Ian’s eyes?” “Where’s Ian?” “There he is!” and now he’s done. :-) Seth just sat there twirling around on the swing by himself until we were all ready to go back to the house. Of all the boys, he plays by himself the most. winter light

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