Our morning was delightfully yummy with Scott’s fresh cinnamon rolls delivered right from his oven, and the rain was falling in a cold, gray Christmas morning when the boys woke up. Jerome was up first, of course, full of anticipation and excitement! When his brothers woke up an hour later Peter read Luke 2 before opening presents.

 Jerome was so very eager to show his brothers their stockings! Good morning, Seth! :-) Ian enjoying Seth’s new toy drill. slinkys! I love Seth’s face. :-) Merry Christmas, Seth! Merry Christmas, Jerome! Jerome helping Ian open his gift from the Jones’. He loves his pound puppy! And this was baby Bekah’s first Christmas!

It was a wonderful morning that lead to a precious day at Papa’s house. We finished Advent together and shared some Christmas hymns before exchanging gifts, then came a wonderful Christmas dinner with extended family and friends!

Tomorrow we fly to GA to see my family!

I will post again next year. Merry Christmas!

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Peter Says:

Wow, Veronique! I really miss Guy Family Holidays! I will certainly never forget our Thanksgivings and Christmases with you all! You’re certainly a special family. We had a nice, quiet Christmas here at home…except that Sarah and Kyla had a stomach bug. But it was nice just kind of laying around and not doing anything! Miss you all!

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