December 4th, 2008

It was an eventful day, Tuesday, and it ended in many thanks to God for His great mercy and goodness to us!

The first I knew anything about the rat poison was when Seth brought an open box of it into the house asking if it was candy and if he could have some! He told me he had found it in the yard. (we don’t use poison around our house.) I had been out in the yard before Ian’s nap and hadn’t seen anything. It turns out that our little three year old neighbor girl had found it in her garage and brought it up to our yard and left it. (She only handled it and didn’t eat it.) I didn’t see it when I let Seth out to play. Neither did I see that it had spilled in the grass when Seth brought it to me. I discovered it’s origins and took it back down to the neighbors, interrogated Seth, washed and scrubbed his hands and arms, and brought everyone back to school lessons. We were finished by the time Ian woke up and all burst out of the house to enjoy the last of the daylight. As I step outside I see the dog licking the grass where Seth had pointed to me the spot where he found the box of poison. I shoo the dog away and find that she was eating pellets that had spilled. I didn’t think she could have gotten much, but I called Peter and the vet to see what to do. I ended up making her vomit in case she had gotten enough to harm her, and it was bright green and foamy so I made her do it again and it was only faintly green. But making our dog vomit with her skittishness when being messed with was not easy and the light was fading. I’m so grateful that a young girl from church was here to help me watch the boys while I dealt with the dog!I was scared only after she vomited green knowing that her life was in danger and I would not have known had the Lord not ordained that I saw her eating it. And praise be unto God that the children asked before tasting the poison!

Wednesday my friend Erika kept my boys for me while I went out to run some errands alone. (I was amazed how much I got done in so little time!) When I came to pick them up she told me she got to hear a “Seth’s Words”. It made us both laugh so hard! Thank you for remembering his words and sharing them with me, Erika!

The big boys were rolling around on a wheeled contraption on the concrete in their side yard and on one of their runs they noticed they had squished a bee as they were going so fast. Seth heard them exclaiming about the bee and ran over to see it. He leaned close and said “Oh, it’s a bee! And there’s it’s honey, too!” 🙂

**edited to add one more Seth’s Words ~

“We woke up to a heavy fog one morning this week. As I was making breakfast I couldn’t even see the hill behind our park from the kitchen window. Seth was kneeling on the couch looking out a window with his brothers and suddenly he came running to me saying “Mommy! I broke the foggy sky to see the blue!” 🙂

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