January 16th, 2009

I just got home last night from a trip to Atlanta to bury my grandmother. I’m glad I went. So glad. I’m proud of how well the family is handling everything, and how beautifully they respect and remember our Memama.

Most of my family I had not seen in years, some of them just a couple weeks ago when we visited…but it was good, so good to see them all.

Of course Mama asked for family portraits before the funeral service and everyone graciously complied. Here is my family:

 My grandmother’s church where my twin was married. the chapel that is now the office. The whole clan. Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Sammy’s family Aunt Cheri and Uncle Jack’s family My mother’s family (minus Peter and our three boys) Uncle Jack and Aunt Peggy’s family Aunt Laura’s family My mother’s cousin Joe Allen’s family Mama and Ron Mama’s children Vann and Vanessa’s family R.J. and Christina

My love to you all.

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January 12th, 2009

My Memama went to be with her Savior early this morning.

I did not really know how much and how deeply I loved her until I had to say good bye for the last time.And how grateful I am for that precious last time.

She was everything to me a grandmother should be. Her life was a beautiful history and a fabric of passions. She loved so many things and everything with beauty was appreciated by her. She was smart and beautiful and had a class all her own.  I can’t introduce you to her in words here, but know that I love her and feel her loss deeply.

Before I publish this and go to bed, I want to acknowledge my sister Regina  and her immeasurable sacrifice and gift to our grandmother. During the last few months of Memama’s life Regina lived with her and cared for her every need 24/7 often sleeping at most 4 hours per night. She was the reason Memama could live her last days in her own beloved house. Regina served with such great love and joy and gentleness! I feel as if her service to our grandmother was in a way a gift to me, too, as I could not have done what she was free to do. If you remember my precious sister in these next few weeks, please pray with me that God would give her rest, healing, and His comfort.

Also my mother, as she has lost her dearest mother today.

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January 9th, 2009

Just last night I was talking with my friend Kathy about how fun it is when birthdays are drawn out and celebrations last a whole week…but I think it’s especially fun now that we’re grown up.

Well, it’s still Christmas  in our house today! I let the boys have a new little teaset I had saved from their Christmas pile for just such a day. The boys have a bit of a cold and it’s a windy, blustery day. Mom had recommended that we pick some eucalyptus leaves from our trees and brew them in some mint tea for the boy’s sinuses. We braved the wind and got some tender leaves and enjoyed the treatment with a bright colored tea set for about an hour.

Then Abby called and asked if she could stop by and bring me something. It was my Christmas present! I had forgotten all about it by now and was as surprised as if it had been Christmas morning. Abby and Anna bought me a Shootsac lens bag for my photography! It’s so beautiful and feels very nice with my extra lenses in it that I can hardly wait for my next wedding! Anna and Abby, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here’s my new Shootsac, designed by Jessica Claire:

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January 7th, 2009

I haven’t posted since we returned from a week in Georgia visiting my family, mostly because the feelings I’m left with are too much for mere words. Here I will (finally) share pictures from our trip and a big thank you to Peter for taking us all to ATL and serving us while we visited, caught up with each others lives, made wonderful memories…and said goodbye.

 on the way to LAX! Jerome was blocking the sun from Ian with his new bandana.  sunset from the plane, three hours till landing. the next morning was Christmas for our family! comin’ in with presents! waiting :-) :-) the very popular trampoline. facepaint! we discovered that Corynn is a little artist!  first day with facepaints good job, Corynn! 2 butterflies  hahaha! marshmallow guns! ready and loaded! how do you work this thing?!? thanks Uncle Vann! epic marshmallow battle! reloading help we’ve missed our Gigi! I think they were playing. little cousins. Next day it’s Gigi’s turn to face paint! pretty Clara! so cool, Ethan! fun faces! Even Ian got a little cheek froggy. :-) then it was Corynn’s turn to paint Gigi’s face! :-) playing on a log at Mema’s house. playing with “growing sponges” that they got for Christmas. Mema with Cali and Peru grandchildren! Group photo - thanks Jim! sisters with Mama! Nicolosi girls with the Anderson girls with the Bishops and Andersons! Thanks so much for stopping by you wonderful people! Sweet girls! (I remember when they were itty bitty! ;-) Corynn’s first birthday gift on her sixth birthday! :-) sweet thanks and hugs Uncle Vann pushing six kids on one swing! probably the best one of all of them together. The shoot-to-shoot was almost as popular as the trampoline! Seth’s turn!  Ethan’s turn! Jerome’s turn! Time for a birthday party! Happy birthday sweet Corynn! I love her face. Thank you for the party, Gigi! presents! we love you, Corynn. Happy birthday!  Peter set off some fireworks! Happy almost New Year! playing till the very last minute together. reading Corynn’s new books together. 2 six year olds! Clara cracks me up! we had TONS of fun together. really! packin’ up. And Peter got us there and back again. No pictures of goodbyes.

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