I haven’t posted since we returned from a week in Georgia visiting my family, mostly because the feelings I’m left with are too much for mere words. Here I will (finally) share pictures from our trip and a big thank you to Peter for taking us all to ATL and serving us while we visited, caught up with each others lives, made wonderful memories…and said goodbye.

 on the way to LAX! Jerome was blocking the sun from Ian with his new bandana.  sunset from the plane, three hours till landing. the next morning was Christmas for our family! comin’ in with presents! waiting :-) :-) the very popular trampoline. facepaint! we discovered that Corynn is a little artist!  first day with facepaints good job, Corynn! 2 butterflies  hahaha! marshmallow guns! ready and loaded! how do you work this thing?!? thanks Uncle Vann! epic marshmallow battle! reloading help we’ve missed our Gigi! I think they were playing. little cousins. Next day it’s Gigi’s turn to face paint! pretty Clara! so cool, Ethan! fun faces! Even Ian got a little cheek froggy. :-) then it was Corynn’s turn to paint Gigi’s face! :-) playing on a log at Mema’s house. playing with “growing sponges” that they got for Christmas. Mema with Cali and Peru grandchildren! Group photo - thanks Jim! sisters with Mama! Nicolosi girls with the Anderson girls with the Bishops and Andersons! Thanks so much for stopping by you wonderful people! Sweet girls! (I remember when they were itty bitty! ;-) Corynn’s first birthday gift on her sixth birthday! :-) sweet thanks and hugs Uncle Vann pushing six kids on one swing! probably the best one of all of them together. The shoot-to-shoot was almost as popular as the trampoline! Seth’s turn!  Ethan’s turn! Jerome’s turn! Time for a birthday party! Happy birthday sweet Corynn! I love her face. Thank you for the party, Gigi! presents! we love you, Corynn. Happy birthday!  Peter set off some fireworks! Happy almost New Year! playing till the very last minute together. reading Corynn’s new books together. 2 six year olds! Clara cracks me up! we had TONS of fun together. really! packin’ up. And Peter got us there and back again. No pictures of goodbyes.

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GiGi Says:

I am overwhelmed and speechless. So much love, so many memories, countless tears, and unimaginable joy of being together. I know this was difficult and final for you. You’ve been on my mind next to constantly. You are so very loved and appreciated, my darling!

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