My Memama went to be with her Savior early this morning.

I did not really know how much and how deeply I loved her until I had to say good bye for the last time.And how grateful I am for that precious last time.

She was everything to me a grandmother should be. Her life was a beautiful history and a fabric of passions. She loved so many things and everything with beauty was appreciated by her. She was smart and beautiful and had a class all her own.¬† I can’t introduce you to her in words here, but know that I love her and feel her loss deeply.

Before I publish this and go to bed, I want to acknowledge my sister Regina¬† and her immeasurable sacrifice and gift to our grandmother. During the last few months of Memama’s life Regina lived with her and cared for her every need 24/7 often sleeping at most 4 hours per night. She was the reason Memama could live her last days in her own beloved house. Regina served with such great love and joy and gentleness! I feel as if her service to our grandmother was in a way a gift to me, too, as I could not have done what she was free to do. If you remember my precious sister in these next few weeks, please pray with me that God would give her rest, healing, and His comfort.

Also my mother, as she has lost her dearest mother today.

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