I just got home last night from a trip to Atlanta to bury my grandmother. I’m glad I went. So glad. I’m proud of how well the family is handling everything, and how beautifully they respect and remember our Memama.

Most of my family I had not seen in years, some of them just a couple weeks ago when we visited…but it was good, so good to see them all.

Of course Mama asked for family portraits before the funeral service and everyone graciously complied. Here is my family:

 My grandmother’s church where my twin was married. the chapel that is now the office. The whole clan. Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Sammy’s family Aunt Cheri and Uncle Jack’s family My mother’s family (minus Peter and our three boys) Uncle Jack and Aunt Peggy’s family Aunt Laura’s family My mother’s cousin Joe Allen’s family Mama and Ron Mama’s children Vann and Vanessa’s family R.J. and Christina

My love to you all.

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Pam Wetherington Says:

What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. I love the pictures. Your grandmother was a sweet southern lady, loved by many. I considered her and her family as part of our family. She was such a dear friend to my mother. Barbara was the first person to welcome us as visitors at First Baptist of Fairburn in 1972 when we moved to Fairburn. Such sweet memories over the past years. Thank you for posting your stories and especially your pictures. What fun to keep up with you all! God bless you all.

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