Just last night I was talking with my friend Kathy about how fun it is when birthdays are drawn out and celebrations last a whole week…but I think it’s especially fun now that we’re grown up.

Well, it’s still Christmas¬† in our house today! I let the boys have a new little teaset I had saved from their Christmas pile for just such a day. The boys have a bit of a cold and it’s a windy, blustery day. Mom had recommended that we pick some eucalyptus leaves from our trees and brew them in some mint tea for the boy’s sinuses. We braved the wind and got some tender leaves and enjoyed the treatment with a bright colored tea set for about an hour.

Then Abby called and asked if she could stop by and bring me something. It was my Christmas present! I had forgotten all about it by now and was as surprised as if it had been Christmas morning. Abby and Anna bought me a Shootsac lens bag for my photography! It’s so beautiful and feels very nice with my extra lenses in it that I can hardly wait for my next wedding! Anna and Abby, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here’s my new Shootsac, designed by Jessica Claire:

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