February 24th, 2009

When Peter came back from Utah he brought home two beautiful tulip plants. He gave Seth the purple tulip plant and he gave me the red one. They’ve been such bright spots in our window all month! Seth was showing them to his little friend and he told her “Daddy gave me the purple lips and he gave Mommy the red lips!” 🙂

 Seth’s “purple lips” My “red lips”

At about two this morning Jerome came and got us up because he said Seth was crying from a bad dream and throwing up. When we ran in there it took us a minute to realize that Seth was neither crying normally or throwing up. He had an attack of croup and was terrified that he could not breath. (He did not seem to be sick yesterday and still only sounds a little hoarse this morning with no other symptoms.) He was better once he calmed down in the steamed bathroom. After a while he wasn’t scared anymore and was breathing easier so I read a book to him before trying to put him back to bed. He chose “The Littlest Angel” and at the end he said “Mommy, I want to be an angel some day.” When I asked him why he said “So I can save the day!” 🙂

This morning Peter was still here when I woke up (he’s so very quiet in the mornings I rarely see him) and Jerome was already awake. This is the sight that greeted me: (Mama, skip the first two!)

 He took his buddy’s advice and twisted it until it came out! Peter took these shots this morning before I got up. I had to convince Jerome to let me keep his tooth instead of him drilling a hole through it to make a necklace! On his way to get a “snaggle tooth” photo a quick swing is always fun! He’s still trying to figure out the posed smile :-) I cropped this one for him because when he saw the photo on my computer he decided he didn’t like his bandana sticking up! Our six year old! :-) Ian followed us up and decided to take his sandle off and he did it! And I decided to keep taking pictures! Ian is 20 months old today There’s Mama! airplanes fly over all the time He does have a handful of words. :-) Then I kept the camera out to snap shots of the boys playing in the afternoon before naps. He was asking me to help him put stuff in his bucket. The clouds were moving so quickly it was amazing! It felt like Spring so I threw open the windows and doors and let the house breathe. Ian discovered the open window with no screen and motioned for me to come see with him! I like how you can see Jerome’s expression here. looking out together Ian decided to look IN from outside! Where’s Jerome? There he is! Ian LOVES to throw things! He was trying to get it through the window. I love his little tongue in that shot! He’s done with the window game… he’s off to find something else to do! Ah! a truck is always fun! his tongue again :-) and big brother to play with! Later Seth found a dandylion growing in our yard and picked it for me. He cracks me up! He’s still making sure I see his flower But his smile was what I was waiting for :-) He made sure I put it in water to grow! :-) He was inspired to go pick some more flowers… and came back with these! I love you Seth!

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February 23rd, 2009

My, but our newest niece, cousin and granddaughter is adorable! Her Aunt Veronique is a slow blogger so her four day pictures are being posted three days after she took them. Happy one week birthday Eden Rose!

 Already passing up her birth weight by two ounces by day four!

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February 19th, 2009

I haven’t had a chance to post about our beautiful hike in Ojai last week. We went with Ruth on Valentine’s Day which was a fun new tradition and it also happened to be a break in the rain storms. The world was absolutely sparkling and crisp and beautiful! Here are the photos from our hike:

 Ian and Peter starting out. Seth and Jerome had followed Peter back behind a big boulder to go exploring. The boys call it “the creepy place”…it was rather dark. On the open trail. Seth was watching a hang glider in the sky who was coming lower for landing. Glorious clouds! And snow on the mountains! My Guys. :-) Jerome hiking ahead of everyone. Seth not far behind this time. Stopping to watch the hang glider, I think. Peter tried to see where he landed, but we never did. Ruth spotted this little picture, succulents growing out of the rock! Baby ferns! And Miner’s Lettuce… which Peter let the boys eat! They said it tasts like spinach, which they love! No, I’m not kidding. :-) Under the oaks. It was a nicely shaded hike. I had no idea such beautiful ferns grew in California! Seth enjoyed Ruth’s company! She stopped with him to discover things and talked to him, and best of all she held back and walked his pace. :-) Jerome leaning on one of his walking sticks. The mud was incredible. Clay like stickyness, which made for a nice slow climb, and a slippery slide down! A beautiful fern cove! Jerome was a willing subject. Seth was not far behind silly boys. Seth munched on an apple as he hiked. I love sun flare! and ferns! The boys said the trees reminded them of hiking with Gigi on her birthday under the oaks! Ruth bringing up the rear with Seth, kind soul! You’d think after parenting for six years we’d know to bring diapers and wipes EVERYWHERE with us…but this time a pack of tissues and a bottle of water had to do. :-/ The camera was tucked under my arm and left on. beautiful view! beautiful family! Peter said I had to be in one. :-) Jerome beginning a terrifying down hill run… with his stick in his hand (don’t look, mom). but as he gets closer… a look of shear joy is visible on his face. and of course he makes it down to the bottom safely… by God’s grace. heading back down I also had no idea ranunculus grew wild in California! Seth learned to walk sideways so as not to slip. mid jump brothers Almost to the road and back to the car. Beautiful day!

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February 17th, 2009

Through a gentle, beautiful water birth, Donna brought her first baby girl into the world weighing 8lb 12oz at 10:20 pm on February 16, 2009!

Donna was surrounded by family and friends, yet she was entirely focused on her job of giving birth and she was so calm and in control. She did an excellent job and I’m so proud of her! God has blessed them with a beautiful little girl and has given Donna an amazing birth story.

Thank you for letting me be there and document such a glorious occasion in your lives! I love you!

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February 14th, 2009

Zachary and Brennan are still waiting for their baby sister to arrive and I know mama’s so ready to meet her, but I’m glad she was at least two days past her expected due date (a few days ago!) so we could get some photos.

Donna was so gracious to let me put her in front of my camera! I love how they turned out and I love how Donna’s love for her children shines in every shot. Donna, know that I’m praying for you and your baby girl, and for God’s perfect timing and story for her birth.

I love you!

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