February 9th, 2009

Peter and Jerome just got back today from a wonderful trip to Utah where they got to snowboard together and celebrate Grandma Jane’s 90th birthday!

While they were away Seth, Ian and I discovered just how much we LOVE Jerome and Daddy! And I discovered how great a help Jerome is to me. Not just with his brothers, though that is major, but in the enrichment of my own life. He is someone to talk to, to learn with, and to trust. I felt myself in my mind and around the house just going in circles! My routine had been interrupted. But it was also a good time with just my little boys…they got more of me than they normally do. And somehow, Jesus was more real to me in my aloneness. He is my shield and fortress in Whom I take delight!

Seth has said some Sethisms this weekend:

“If we were moving air, we could blow people away.”

In a book he pointed to a hunting dog and asked me what it was. I said that it was a bird dog and he asked me “Oh, can it fly?”

Coming home in the rain and driving by our block wall Seth said “Mommy, our wall is sweaty!”

 through the rain on the window. Seth enjoying the mud puddle! And Ian never far behind. :-) Raven’s favorite game is to catch dirt clods and she barks at the boys until they throw one for her. Ian loves to throw everything, so it’s a good game for both of them! The sun beginning to set, came below the rain clouds and made the world shimmer! The end of this storm! Thank God for the rain! And help us endure the mud. Amen. Seth trying on Jerome’s snow gear with Daddy’s boots. :-) Yay! Big brother’s back!

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February 3rd, 2009

It’s not even been a week since Seth’s first trip to the dentist and he came home this morning from a specialist with two baby root canals and crowns, as well as fillings. How do you prepare a four year old for silver teeth? Last night he told me “Mama, I don’t want silver teeth, I want gold teeth!”. He never complained about his teeth hurting him, but I have noticed that he’s had his fingers in his mouth more than usual. I feel like a bad mother. A failure. At least when it comes to Seth’s teeth. His big brother has been going to the dentist for two years and has only had one “sticky spot”! With the same routine that worked for Jerome, poor little Seth gets a mouthful of tooth decay. I should have noticed. But I didn’t. I’ve been crying about it for days and I wasn’t sure I could watch it, so I’m grateful to Peter for taking half a day off work to take him in. Seth came home very, very drowsy, but saying he had a good time! He has needed to stay on Motrin, but otherwise he’s doing great! Better than his mother, for sure.

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February 2nd, 2009

Some of Seth’s words from the past month or so:
“Mama, if the sun goes down under our dirt, it’ll explode our trees!”

“I’m not wasting time, Mama, I’m eating time!”

“We’re blinking with fireworks!” “Hey, I see lightning in there!” “The fire keeps burning under the ground!” (Comments he shouted during Peter’s fireworks display in GA at the end of last year.)

Seth saw a picture of an unborn baby and told me, “Look! it’s a mommy sitting by the fire!”.

“I’m going to draw America. Now I’m going to draw Blue Ridge. See, it is blue. I’m drawing the blue. And some sparkles on the ocean.”

I had shown the boys pictures of when I was in Russia with my family quite a few weeks ago and recently Seth asked me, “Mama, where’s the sea that got black?”

I’ve recently enjoyed playing Pandora radio stations. Seth asked me the other day “Mama, what’s that song called? Is it called ‘I Don’t Know’?”

Here’s a note Seth dictated for me to write in a card he drew for Mema:

“Dear Mema,

This card is for you and the card has letters in there for you, and our trash barrels are empty. And you have to fly over. And the cards have to be loaded with letters. And Jerome’s doing his math and Mommy is writing to your letters and your letters are going to be like C. And Raven is sitting out in our yard. And on front of the card is the ocean and on the back of the card is the ocean too. And there’s the dirt under the sea. And the flowers are dying. And Jerome is doing his math and Audrey is playing outside but she’s going inside because it’s boring outside for her, and Mommy is writing down this. And the teapot is going to get ready for it to make tea and the tea cups are staying inside. And the yogurt is going to be ready to be eaten. And Raven is staying inside and she’s lying down. And anything more. And I love her and miss her.

Love, Seth”

And some photos of the boys from January:

 Peter called me from work in Westlake to go outside and see the X in the sky. Soon after this photo the clouds blew away and it was two bright white contrails crossing inthe sky. And then they blew away and it was a clear sky. Jerome cautiously feeling the rain. Seth squirting his spray bottle into the rain! evening light Misty’s roses Ian playing on the Jones’ slide. Ian’s never far from Seth. our Seth Ian is that muddy because of big brother. They had a mostly glorious time in the mud hole. I can just hear Ian screaming at Seth for doing that to him. :-) maybe he’ll try it himself. muddy Ian

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